Zachary Knighton's ex-wife Hang Knighton: Her wiki, career, net worth, personal life

January 1, 2018Zachary Knighton's ex-wife Hang Knighton: Her wiki, career, net worth, personal life

Who is Hang Knighton?

Hang Knighton is recognized as the ex-wife of famous actor Zachary Knighton. She is Korean by originality.

How was early life and education of Hang Knighton?

Knighton finished primary school in New York City. Later, she finished high school. She didn’t attend college. And due to the lack of education, there is Blank Space let in her biography. But her ex-husband Knighton is a graduate of Frank W Cox High School. Who later, he joined the Governor’s School of Arts and there he started to learn acting by taking classes and performing rehearsals. In order to pursue his career in acting, he joined the Virginia Commonwealth University. 

What does Hang Knighton do for a living and what might be her net worth?

There is not much information found about Hang’s biography about what she does for a living and her career. But she sure does enjoy her husband’s enormous net wealth. On the other hand, her ex-husband has a vast career experience in his career. Before he got famous, he was playing small roles but significance. He starred as a guest on various TV shows which were hits like Ed, law, and order. He has also played great roles in other Tv shows and movies such as Cherry Falls, Believe me, Life on a stick and Happy Endings: Happy Rides. He played and became part of an ambitious project of promising science fiction television series Flash Forward in 2009. His estimated net worth is $8 million. He loves spending money on his family. It is not exactly presumed that how much property she was separated after her divorce but on our though it should be in million.

Who is in Hang Knighton's life now?

Hang Knighton and Zachary dated for a long time and finally got married in 2008. Their affairs were one of the hottest topics of the town. Hang and Zachary used to live together in their house at Malibu. They do not have too many children but just one daughter named Tallulah Knighton. Their relationship didn’t run smoothly and they went through the process of divorce as some problems started in their lives. Hang and Zachary got divorced in 2015, but Hang did sign the divorce papers in 2010. Since then Knighton is single. Hang and Zachary, both are devoted parents towards their only daughter. But due to the security issue, they tried to hide their daughter from the public which was not a successful idea. She is either seen with her father or mother on the streets of Los Angeles. Both Hang and Zachary live in Los Angeles separately, but their daughter is seen with either of them which indicates that she is not left alone.


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