Will Angel Di Maria stop int'l games? Career, net worth, personal life, early life, facts

June 14, 2018Will Angel Di Maria stop int'l games? Career, net worth, personal life, early life, facts

Who is Angel Di Maria?

Angel Di Maria one of the most loved football player among the public, is popularly nicknamed as Fideo. The word literally means noodles in the Spanish language, which is due to his slim physique. Angel is a successful Argentinean professional footballer, well known internationally.


Except for news on 2018 FIFA World Cup, Angel’s story highlights on his injury & high chance of victory in 2014 FIFA World Cup. He deeply expresses dissatisfaction with the decision of not letting him play in getting hurt, as he was confident enough that he could make it well. News also reads on not continuing his present club Paris Saint-Germain after completion of a contract the next year 2019; not with the intention of any hate, but rather to let space for entry of any new talent/player.


Angel stepped football career since his debut in an Argentinean club Rosario Central in 2005 when he was seventeen years of age. Before the debut, he was already in the club and was in core squad team on that year. After two years of playing in Rosario, Angel entered Benfica, a club based on Portugal in 2007 moving to Europe and played for three years. Then transferred to a well-known club Real Madrid from 2010 to 2014. Angel joined Manchester United Club in 2015 signing for five years but entered French Club Paris Saint-Germain on the same year which is continued till 2019. Along-side playing for these clubs, Angel is also an Argentinian national player debuting with a team in 2008. Angel has proud the nation winning gold on Olympics 2008 along with earning numerous caps and representing Nation in three FIFA World Cup (2010, 2014 & 2018). His honor also includes UEFA Champions League 2014, three Copa America games and many cups. Angel is usually seen playing as a winger or a midfielder in the ground and had always been key assets in the team he played. Hard working and smooth skilled player Angel’s popularity grew higher since joining Real Madrid. It is also heard that Angel is on the mind to end up his international career.

Net worth

The average net worth of Angel Di Maria shows around $17 to $18 million. Moreover, if his market value is estimated then it traces value of $57.2 million. Wealthy Angel has a collection of best-known cars along with a mansion in London worth $10 million. Angel was not born rich, and today is the result of all his hard work.

Personal life

Argentinian Angel Di Maria also holds an Italian passport, having Italian ancestry. Angel is living his harmonious married life along with supporting (mainly financially) his parents & sisters. Angel got married to beautiful Jorgelina Cardoso who is also an Argentinian. They dated since 2009, while in Benfica and made marriage after two years of dating and also had a daughter. Angel is not heard with affairs except her. Jorgelina is read as the biggest fan of her husband who would always be ready to stand or speak for him, and she is also tagged as his manager. Jorgelina being five years older than Angel, shows how true love has no bound. Their daughter was born three months premature, and with ICU supervision the baby got fine. Angel seems happy with his personal and family life.

Early life

With the birth name as Angel Fabian Di Maria Hernandez, Angel was born on 14 February 1988 in Rosario of Argentina. On the lap of mom Diana Hernandez and dad Miguel Di Maria, Angel grew up with two sisters; (Vanesa & Evelyn) siblings, in Perdriel of Rosario. Angel not being physically active in his early age, was recommended to get into a sport by a doctor. This pushed Angel to step into a football field, although martial art was also on his sports option. An accidently chosen field is today Angel’s profession. He started kicking a football at the age of three and joined training at the age of seven in a local sports club academy named EI Torito Atletico Team.

Later he joined another club as Rosario Central when he was thirteen years old. On study, he graduated in 2005 in the Youth Academy. Angel’s family were not much wealthy to fulfill the accessories of football, as they all (parents as well as he with his siblings) worked on local coal stack with minimal income. Angel now supports his family. It is also known that dad Miguel was a footballer too, who couldn’t continue after his knee injury. So it is usually said that Angel is living his father’s dream.


Angel along with his six childhood friends have same words tattoo in their forearm, reflecting strong friendship bond, and the words read as “ To be born in EI Perdriel was and will be the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life”.

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