Whom is Chris Perez married? His bio, career, net worth, wife, personal life, early life

February 7, 2018Whom is Chris Perez married? His bio, career, net worth, wife, personal life, early life

Christopher Gilbert Perez is the Grammy Award winner for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album in 2000. Perez is best known as the lead guitarist of Tejano band ‘Selena y Los Dinos’. Perez gained enough popularity after his marriage with the lead vocalist of the band Selena y Los Dinos,'Selena Quintanilla’ on 2nd April 1992. But the tragic murder of Selena on 31st March 1995 left Perez devastated and led to the emotional breakdown. Selena’s death left no way to escape from the agony than drugs and alcohol. But in the year 1996, Perez was introduced to Vanessa Villanueva by John Garza and the couple tied the knot in 1998.Though Perez and Vanessa parted ways in 2008.

How did Chris Perez start his career?

In the middle school, Perez played French horn and his mother, Carmen Medina, supported him in joining his school’s concert band. Soon Perez decided to learn electric guitar and had wished to start a rock band when he was seventeen. But at that time he was working in a library and was offered to be the guitarist of Shelly Lares’ band. Despite his less interest in Tejano music that Shelly played, Perez approved to join the band in 1986 since it paid more than the library. Perez’s talent in playing guitar gained him satisfying fan following and popularity in Tejano music. Eventually, the lead guitarist of Selena y Los Dinos, Roger Garia left the music business after marriage. Perez was approached by A.B. Quintanilla III, the bassist of Selena y Los Dinos, as A.B. had heard enough about Perez. Perez too agreed, the Selena y Los Dinos played more hip-hop and sophisticated music than other Tejano bands. Perez showed amazing guitar skills while he was in the band but after the sudden murder of lead singer Selena by her former friend Yolanda Saldivar on 31st March 1995, Perez left the band. Perez started a band named ‘Chris Perez Band’ and signed Hollywood records in 1997. After the release of his first album, ‘Resurrection’, Perez won Grammy Award Best Latin Rock Album 2000. Perez also played for Kumbia Kings and the "Kumbia All Starz" for few years. Perez is also the author of a book named ‘To Selena with Love’ which reveals his relationship with Selena and how he dealt with the grief of her death. This book gained positive responses from both readers and critics.

Chris Perez's net worth

Chris Perez’s net worth is supposed to be $1.2 million. He earned it from his songs, book, and musical shows.

Who were and who is going to be in Chris Perez's life?

Perez has two children, son Noah and daughter Cassie from his second wife Vanessa Villanueva. Perez is a responsible and proud father. Perez had quoted ‘can’t believe my lil mimi-me is turning 18 years old tomorrow ...I’m definitely a proud dad’ on his daughter Cassie's birthday. Chris Perez is rumored to have engaged with Melissa Jimenez, a singer/ songwriter at the beginning of 2018. The news of engagement was confirmed by Jimenez’s sister and Jimenez herself by posting the engagement ring on her page. The couple is believed to marry soon and is seen attending Momentum Education together in New York.

How did Chris Perez spend his early life?

Chris Perez was born in San Antonio, Texas, the U.S. on 14th August 1969 to father Gilbert Perez and mother Carmen Medina. Perez had leaned towards music since childhood and listened to Van Halen, Motley Crue, the Scorpions, kiss, Carlos Santana and Rickey Martin. Perez is a shy person but someone whom you can trust according to his friends. His passion for guitars made him meet Selena Quintanilla, the queen of Tejano music who became a large part of his life in a short span of time. Soon after meeting, both Selena and Perez developed feelings for each other and decided to spend life together against the order of Selena’s father.


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