Who is Victoria Waldrip? Her Bio: Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

December 2, 2018Who is Victoria Waldrip? Her Bio: Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

It’s really easy to gain popularity and attention by the means of social outlets these days. Similarly, one has become the social media sensations because of the bizarre and the controversial events and Victoria Waldrip aka Woahh Vicky cannot be stricken off the list. She is a renowned Instagram sensation who sprung up to recognition all thanks to her claiming of being a black. It would have been easy to swallow if she had her skin color and ethnicity not proved otherwise.

How did Victoria Waldrip start her Career?

Victoria is an American social media celebrity. She gained prominence on social media via Instagram. She posts pictures flaunting the high-end fashion apparel and accessories. This lured many social Media Personality of the people and her fan base started incrementing. Victoria became an internet celebrity when the Snoop Dogg, Plies, and Chief Keef shared some of her videos. But this wasn’t the end; she became more popular over her black race claim. She later stated she is white Caucasian teenager. Victoria owns a YouTube channel; she usually posts videos relevant to things linked with the black community. She posts the tutorial on twerking, rapping, and summertime makeup tutorial. She got arrested for physically assaulting a cop and for trespassing. As of now, she is looking forward to shaping her career in the modeling and singing field.

What can be the Net worth of Victoria Waldrip?

With growing Instagram and YouTube Channel, it’s quite difficult to put the cap on Victoria’s net worth. Sensationalism sells which has pumped her net worth to gross over $700,000. She is endorsing popular fashion and cosmetic brands. She also has her own customized merchandise accessories such as grills and chains.

Who is in the Personal Life of Victoria Waldrip?

Victoria is currently dating Lil Virgin, Instagram Star. Prior, she was in a relationship with Papi JJ but they broke up. She accused him of cheating on her and called off the relationship.

How was the Early Life of Victoria Waldrip?

Born to Steve Waldrip and Carla Johnson on 7th March 2000, in Georgia, USA, Victoria is of the White-Caucasian ethnicity. Her father is a successful real estate agent. She has an elder sister who is 30 years. She attended John McEachern High School. As she never secured good grades throughout and eventually dropped out of school. She was then home-schooled by her father. She worked as a hostess at a local food joint but quit early. She never wanted to be bossed around. So, she decided to make her career in the entertainment industry and started using social media.

Facts about Victoria Waldrip

Victoria is a big fan of luxury fashion brand Gucci. Being a huge fan of Nicki Minaj, she is often found comparing herself with Beyonce. She even had the verbal spat with her own follower on the Instagram account. She has 1.8M followers on Instagram, 35K on Twitter, 154K on YouTube’s subscribers.

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