Who is Vanessa Villanueva & whom is she dating? Her wiki, Career, Net worth, Personal life

February 7, 2018Who is Vanessa Villanueva & whom is she dating? Her wiki, Career, Net worth, Personal life

Who is Vanessa Villanueva?

Vanessa Villanueva is an American actress and a performer who is best known for her works on ‘Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns’ and ‘Forgotten memories’. Villanueva is the ex-wife of famous guitarist and musician Chris Perez.

How did Vanessa Villanueva start her Career?

Venessa Villanueva

Vanessa is mostly famous for being Chris Perez's wife. Although she did not work while she was married to Chris, she started contributing towards the entertainment industry after she got divorced. Vanessa Villanueva is famous for her outstanding role in ‘Memphis rising: Elvis returns’and it was released in 2011. Villanueva also had a small part in ‘forgotten memories’ in 2015. The contributions that she made to the industry are worth praising.

Who is in the Personal life of Vanessa Villanueva?

Vanessa and the famous musician Chris Perez met each other in 1998 through their mutual friend John Garza. They started to date each other and fell in love slowly. After dating for some time they got into a relationship and stayed in that status for about two years before getting married. The couple tied the knot in 2001 and are blessed with two kids.

Vanessa Villanueva with her husband and daughter

Their daughter is named Cassie and their son’s name is Noah. The couple remained together for about six years but things started to fall apart after some time. Their marital relation came to an end in 2008. Vanessa had filed the divorce claiming that Chris was never home and was often occupied with alcohol consumption and parties.

Although the couple separated it seems that Vanessa is still supported by Chris for their children’s care. Chris had posted a picture of him and his daughter with the caption ‘“Can’t believe my lil mini- me is turning 18 years old tomorrow…I’m DEFINITELY a proud dad! :)”. This shows that Chris still cares about his children and has been a good father. They have been good parents to their children but even this love could not keep their relationship together.

Vanessa lives with her children currently. After the divorce, she has been focused on raising their kids on her own. She is a single mother of the two children. Although the divorce was a tragic end of what could have been a beautiful family it’s time she gets involved with someone. People want to see her happy again after these long years of being single.

What is the Net worth of Vanessa Villanueva?

Vanessa Villanueva

Although she has a major contribution in the entertainment industry her profile has been low key. The information about her net worth is not available precisely but it is estimated that she has a net worth of around $100k.

Facts about Vanessa Villanueva

  • After their divorce, Vanessa had claimed for all properties that Chris owned and wanted to keep it all for her.
  • Since she is attached to the Quintanilla name and fame, her friends and family jokingly call her The Kumbia queen.
  • It is rumored that Chris was too involved in drugs and alcohol to care about any other thing that's why Vanessa filed a divorce and ended the marriage.
  • Vanessa has an amazing taste for the expensive stuff, therefore Chri’s family has nicknamed her, 'The Lady of Luxury'.

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