Who is Stevie Nicks? Bio, Career Tour, Songs, Net Worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

March 26, 2019Who is Stevie Nicks? Bio, Career Tour, Songs, Net Worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

Who is Stevie Nicks?

Stevie Nicks is a well-known American singer, songwriter. Also, she is a pianist and tambourine player  best known for her "Landslide" song. She is also regarded as the Queen of Rock n'Roll.

In the Early life Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks in her childhood

Fig: Stevie Nicks in her childhood

Stevie Nicks was born as Stephanie Lynn Nicks on May 26, 1948, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. She is an  American of mixed ethnicity (German, English, Irish).

She's the daughter of Jess Nicks(father) and Barbara Nicks(mother). Her father was a former president of the Armour-Dial of Greyhound. Her grandfather was a country music singer who taught Nicks to sing duets with him when she was four years old. Since her childhood, she had been interested in music and her grandfather was the one who motivated her to become a singer. Stevie wrote her first song on her 16th birthday, "I've Loved and I've Lost and I'm Sad But Not Blue."

Stevie Nicks during her high school

Fig: Stevie Nicks during her high school

Her family moved to San Francisco when she was a child and attended Menlo-Atherton High School where she started songwriting and performing. She attended San Jose State University in Northern California after graduating from high school and focused on speech communication. She later dropped out of college the semester before graduating to begin her singing career.

In the Career of Stevie Nicks

Stevie-Nicks during her FRITZ band show

Fig: Nicks during her FRITZ band show

Stevie began her singing career during her college days with the psychedelic rock band named Fritz. She became the band's lead singer in mid-1967. She performed with the  band for three years and left the club in 1971 to perform on her own studio album.

Stevie Nicks singing performanc

Fig: Stevie Nicks singing performanc

She started working for her first studio album, Buckingham Nicks in 1972. She released the album in the middle of 1972. The album wasn't a commercial success. She released her second album, Bella Donna, which that year became a hit. She was nominated for Best Arrangement of Voices award for her recording Go Your Own Way that same year and also nominated for nine competitive Grammy Awards  and won the 1978 Grammy Award for the Year for Rumors Album. Later in 2003, She received the Grammy Hall of Fame Award.

How much is Stevie Nicks net worth?

Stevie Nicks did a good job of carving a huge niche for herself; being part of several platinum albums. She has been continuously in and out of Fleetwood, an all-time best-selling band that rose to impressive heights in the 70s. Nicks seems to have remained youthful over the years with her mystical image & billowing chiffon skirts. She's got an estimated net worth of $75 million which is sufficient amount for living a happy and luxury life.

In the Personal life of Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks with her husband

Fig: Stevie Nicks with her husband

Stevie Nicks is currently a single woman. She was a couple of years old married woman. She was married to Kim Anderson before. They were married in January 1983. The couple divorced in 1984 after a year of their marriage. She also dated the American singer-songwriter Joe Walsh for three years after that. The couple began dating back in 1983 and separated in 1986. She also dated the English musician Rupert Hine between 1986 and 1987 for a year.

She admitted she was once pregnant, but she aborted the child. For the second time in her life, Nicks  did not get married and she is currently single.

Facts about Stevie Nicks

  • After beating a well - documented cocaine addiction in the 1980s, Nicks got hooked on the prescription drug Klonopin, which is a tranquilizer used to treat panic attacks. In the mid-'90s, she kicked that habit and has been sober ever since.
  • She founded the Angel Foundation of the Stevie Nicks Soldier with the aim of using music to help  rehabilitate wounded soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. The foundation provides iPods that have already been filled with music to the soldiers.
  • Stevie is active on both Facebook and Twitter. She has 2.7 million Facebook followers and  171k  Twitter followers. She has 65k Youtube subscription.

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