Who is Sophia Hardison? Know her wiki current activities, career, net worth, personal life

January 12, 2018Who is Sophia Hardison? Know her wiki current activities, career, net worth, personal life

Sophia Hardison is popularly known as the daughter of famous actor and director Kadeem Hardison and Chante Moore who is famous American singer, songwriter, actress and television personality. She was born on 27th September 1996, before Kadeem and Chante tie knot. Currently, she is 21 years old. Although this couple got divorced but are taking good care of their daughter Sophia. She is an American by birth and belongs to African American ethnicity as her parents are both African American.

Career and net worth of Hardison

She is popular as a daughter of Chante Moore and Kadeem Hardison as she has not done any remarkable work yet. Sophia is still unknown about what she wants to do exactly but she is interested in singing and dancing and sees the potential in following her parents in future. She is young, beautiful and attractive enough to follow the footsteps of her parents and she looks somewhat like Kadeem. She is on the way to develop her career in education. Chante is more concern about the study of Sophia so she is taking her away from the limelight and wants Sophia to focus on her education to build her career. Kadeem and Chante are more concern with her private life and want her to continue her study.

Since she is on the way to develop her career in education currently her net worth is very low which is why it is not listed and have no any salary that she earned but she is getting better and more comfortable life and living like a princess of her parents. She is living the luxurious life with the love of her parents. Although her parents got separated, they are giving her good environment and good care so that she won't be depressed or distracted from her career goals.  


Personal life of Sophia Hardison

Because of her private life, it is unknown that whom Sophia is dating but it is certain that she is still single. Her parents are protective so information about Sophia is hard to find. She rarely makes the public appearance as she respects the protectiveness of her parents. She only makes the appearance in the media during the award function with her parents.

Sophia Hardison is not active on social media if you search her twitter, Instagram and facebook account then you can find the only fake account. You can find many accounts with her photo but neither of them is legitimate. She is totally out of the limelight and famous as a daughter of two celebrities.


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