Who is Sergio Aguero? His bio: News, Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

June 14, 2018Who is Sergio Aguero? His bio: News, Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

Who is Sergio Aguero?

Argentinian Sergio Aguero is a professional footballer, who also is well-known with the
nickname as “Kun”. Football Club player Sergio Kun also plays for Argentine National Team. Currently, he plays for a popular club the Manchester City.

News about Sergio Aguero

After Sergio’s knee injury which barred him to play further at the end of the season before World Cup 2018, news writes up on its successful surgery in April and his re-entry in his career. Current Sergio received the ETIHAD Player of the Month September of 2018, which is the second award this year, after being player of the month in January 2018.

How did Sergio Aguero start his Career?

Professionally Sergio got into football in 2003 playing for Independiente club, although he was already into the Independiente Academy for six years before it. His debut in this Argentine Premier League was remarkable, breaking the previous record made by Diego Maradona. Sergio was the youngest one to debut and played till 2006. Despite leaving the Independiente Sergio he still is the supporter of the Club. After that, Sergio played for Spanish Club Atletico Madrid in Europe from 2006 to 2011, and then joined Manchester City in July 2011 which is his present club too. Along with a superb debut in the Manchester City, he still is an evergreen goal scorer and is recognized as a faster player ever. Plus to Club Play, Sergio also plays for Argentinian National Team, debuting in 2006.

Along with winning Gold medal for his Argentina in Olympics Games 2008, other achievements of Sergio reads as Golden Boost & Golden Ball Awards in Under-20 World Cup 2007, FIFA Young Player 2007, EFE Trophy in La Liga 2007-08 as the best foreign (Ibero-American) Player, UEFA Super Cup in 2010, 2010 World Cup, 2011 Copa America, Manchester City Player of the Year 2012, top scorer of Premier League 2014-15, Football Supporters’ Federation Player of the Year 2014, Premier League Player of the month of November 2014, World Cup 2014 and two (2015 & 2016) Copa America. Smooth striker Sergio has been ranked highest goal scorer of League plays among non-European. The outstanding player of the World Youth Championship, Sergio says he is enjoying at the Manchester City currently.

What can be the Net worth of Sergio Aguero?

Footballer Sergio’s net worth is estimated around $50 million. With the upgrading career, Sergio has been wealthier accordingly and was listed in the list of highest-paid player internationally.

Who is in the Personal life of Sergio Aguero?

Sergio currently lives in Stretford of Manchester. He released his autobiography ‘Born to Rise’ in 2014. Despite being a celeb & wealthy, Sergio says he loves to remain the same person as he was. On relationship aspect, Sergio is married to Gianinna Maradona daughter of footballer Diego Maradona from 2008 to 2012, and then love relationship with Karina Tejeda a pop star singer from 2012 to 2017. With ex-wife Gianinna, Sergio has a son named Benjamin born in 2009, who is taken care by Diego the father-in-law. Son Benjamin is also enjoying playing football like father Sergio & grandfather Diego.

How was the Early life of Sergio Aguero?

Getting the birth name as ‘Sergio Leonel Aguero Del Castilo’, Sergio got born on June 1988 in Quilmes, Buenos Aries of Argentina. Among the seven siblings, Sergio was the second child of mother Adriana Aguero and father Leonel Del Castillo. Dad Leonel was a taxi driver which was the only source of income for the family and mom as a housewife. The family was not wealthy enough to have a luxurious life, even then dad gifted Sergio with a ball as his first Christmas gift. Streets were playing ground in Sergio’s area where he too played learning many skills on his ball. Sergio grew up playing from an early age with his father, as dad Leonel too played football in his young age. Although dad Leonel was not into making the play as his career, he taught son Sergio on his own. Sergio got tagged with a nickname as ‘Kun’ a character from a Japanese show, by his grandparents and the name remained forever with him.

Facts about Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero holds Spanish nationality (since 2010) along with Argentinian. He has a tattoo of his son name and also the date of birth, along with his Latin Scripted tattoo that reads Kun Aguero.

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