Who is Quincy Jones? His bio, career, net worth, personal life, early life, updates/facts

April 17, 2018Who is Quincy Jones? His bio, career, net worth, personal life, early life, updates/facts

Who is Quincy Jones?

Born on the 14th March of 1933 (Chicago, Illinois, United States of America). Quincy Delight Jones Jr. was also known as the “Big Q” or “Q” is a Musician, Record Producer, Arranger, and Composer. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall and black by ethnicity. Jones’s zodiac sign is Pisces.

How did Quincy Jones start his career?

His career initiated at the age of 19 when he did his tour debut with Jazz Leader named Lionel Hampton. He toured with Hampton in most part of Europe. Followed by a tour with Trumpeter who was in the “Dizzy Gillespie Band”, they toured in the Middle East and most of the places in South America. After a series of such touring and live performances, he decided to form his own band which consisted member from the Arlen Show, however, their band couldn’t survive in long run due to low finances. Furthermore, Jones then became the Vice President of the record company named Mercury Records, which was in 1964. After leaving Mercury records, he then moved to LA for a different and more vivid musical journey.

Later on, he created soundtracks for movies including “The Deadly Affair” followed by “In the Heat of the Night” and then "cactus flower”. Jones didn’t only worked as a composer but also went to arrange for famous artists such as Frank Sinatra  and Peggy Lee. Moreover, he founded a production company which was called Qwest Productions in the year 1975. Besides from Frank Sinatra, he worked with Michael Jackson, which made him the apex ranking producer of that period.

For his outstanding work, he has received many awards including the Grammy Legend Awards in 1991, BET Humanitarian Award which he received in 2008 and not to forget the John F. Kennedy Centre Honors.

What can be the Net Worth of Quincy Jones?

Quincy Jones is someone who had a career span that lasted more than most people’s lifespan, throughout his career he created a bunch of masterpieces that is unbeatable and gave birth to records that sounded like they were made in heaven. This heavenly person has successfully collected a crazy $310 million dollars of property. His records earned him a fortune that no man can easily earn. The veteran musician also earned from playing certain roles in movies and shows.

Who is in the Personal life of Quincy Jones?

Just like any other millionaire, Q’s personal life is also a bit luxuriously peculiar. He has affair with a couple of women however, he has been in a matrimonial relationship with three different women, and has altogether 7 kids from 5 different women. He married Jeri Caldwell in 1957 and got divorced in 1966, they had a baby girl named Nee Jones. Later, he married a Swedish born actress, Ulla Anderson, with her he had two children named Martina Jones and Quincy Jones III. And after being separated from Ulla, he tied the nuptial knot with Peggy Lipton in 1974, who gave birth to two baby girls, Kidada Jones and Rashida Jones. He had a brief love affair with Carol Reynolds which was followed by his relationship with Nastassja Kinski. Both of the affairs blessed him with a daughter each.

How was the early life of Quincy Jones?

Born to Sarah Frances, who was a Bank Officer and also an Apartment Complex Manager and Quincy Delight Jones Sr, his ancestors were migrant. Jones had a younger brother named Lloyd who by profession was an engineer, sadly Lloyd died in the year of 1998. Talking about his early life and musical influence, he was introduced to music by Sarah, who used to sing religious songs. Quincy’s mother fell ill and was admitted to a mental institution after that his father divorced her and re-married his ex-wife Elvera Jones. They had three children together; Waymond, Theresa, and Katherine.

Facts about Quincy Jones

He is able to win 27 Grammy awards and 79 nominations which is a record-breaking deal.

His career span was for six decades.

Unlike most of the rock stars who are atheist, Quincy believes in astrology and is religious.

He doesn’t know how to drive a car as he never wanted to learn.

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