Who is Mia fizz real dad? Her Bio: Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

January 11, 2019Who is Mia fizz real dad? Her Bio: Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

Who is Mia Fizz?

Mia Fizz, 13 years of age, is following in her footsteps by her YouTubers parents. Not only that, but she's becoming famous with her own YouTube Channel. Here are some fascinating wikis about her, covering her family of YouTubers, the problem of addiction for biological parents, the role of Step Dad in the bliss of her family and the heavy net worth she earned at an early age.

How was the early life of Mia Fizz?

Fizz Family fig: Fizz Family

Mia Fizz was born to young parents who had to deal with addiction in England on 4 December 2004. Her mother Georgie was only 16 when she gave birth to her but had to deal with a severe addiction to drugs and alcohol. Georgie fought hard to cope with her addiction while sharing a partner that made it even more difficult. In addition, they gave birth to Mia. So Georgie decided to separate from the biological father of Mia and tried to raise her daughter by herself.

When and how did Mia Fizz start her Career?

Mia appeared on YouTube for the first time in the video 'Vegan Kid's first Burger King' on the family channel Family Fizz. The channel was created by the mother of Mia, Georgie, and her step-father Darren on 24 June 2014. The only source of income for the Fizz family is YouTube and other social networking sites. The family invests so much in YouTube that Mia's parents prefer to have her and her sister at home. You even have a representative and a manager to help you manage your YouTube channels. Mia and her sister Sienna created a separate channel called Fizz Sisters on 19 July 2014, where they uploaded videos on food, makeup, baking, and stupid challenges. They also uploaded the clips from their family holidays and parties and collected over 350,000 subscribers in no time. Mia created her channel, Mia's Life, three years later. The videos on her channel mainly relate to the fun activities of Mia. In 2018, the Fizz family will soon welcome a new member to their family and share the news on their Instagram page with their fans.

How much is the Net worth of Mia Fizz?

Not only is Mia Fizz famous, but she also has a mouthwatering net worth for someone of her age. She earns most of her net value from her YouTube channels when she is 13. According to Socialblade, from $840 to $13.4 k per month, she receives ad revenue from her YouTube channel Mia's Life. She also profits from her and her sister's YouTube channel Fizz Sisters about $131 to $2.1 K per month. She also shares $7.8 K–$124.3 K in monthly earnings from the Youtube channel Family Fizz of her family. Despite the fact that the actual net value is limited, the family is said to have a whopping net value of millions and with its popularity rising to new heights, it will only grow.

Who is in the Personal life of Mia Fizz?

As she is too young to date anybody. She is just only 15 years old. Besides dating and friends, she spends most of her time on youtube and her academic studies.

Facts about Mia Fizz

She met Darren after her mother's separation from her biological dad. The pair hit it and began to see each other. They lived together soon. Sometime after living together, the couple became pregnant and then Mia's half-sister Sienna was born. Then the couple got involved. Had her mother not met her stepfather, things in her life would have been very different and challenging. Fortunately, they met and now they enjoy a happy family packed with YouTubers.

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