Who is Max Keiser? Wiki, Career, Networth & Salary, WIfe & kids, Childhood, Facts

April 2, 2019Who is Max Keiser? Wiki, Career, Networth & Salary, WIfe & kids, Childhood, Facts

Who is Max Keiser?

Max Keiser is an American filmmaker and broadcaster, hosting Keiser Report on Russian channel RT. He has hosted various programs such as The Keiser's Business Guide for New Year's Eve, The Oracle with Max Keiser and On the Edge. Max produced and acted in an Al-Jazeera Network TV series called People & Power.

In the Early life and childhood of Max Keiser

Max Keiser was born in New Rochelle, New York, USA on January 23, 1960, and Timothy Maxwell is his birth name. Likewise, he has an American nationality and an unknown ethnicity. Max grew up in Westchester County, New York and there was no disclosure of details about family members and childhood. He also attended for his education at New York University and studied theater.

In the Career of Max Keiser

 Max Keiser as comedian

Fig: Max Keiser as comedian

Max Keiser started his career as a comedian stand-up and host of a radio show. He started working as a part-time stockbroker at Paine Webber and at the Oppenheimer and Co Inc midtown office under David Tufts during the 1980s. He later became the creator, co-founder, and CEO of the web-based online game HSX Holdings / Hollywood Stock Exchange. He later sold to Cantor Fitzgerald his business venter.

He also started his broadcasting career by presenting Rumble at the Access Hollywood box office for NBC. After producing and hosting the weekly talk show called Buy, Sell, Hold for CBS radio's KLSX in Los Angeles, CA. Max has also produced 10 short documentaries covering financial market details for the People & Power series of Al Jazeera. He subsequently produced a series of 10 episodes from the series for Al-Jazeera English network called The Oracle and BBC.

Max started appearing in the show On the Edge in 2009, after which he started hosting the Keiser Report on the RT network in September 2009 and the show continues to this day. Max currently hosts a weekly economics program called Double Down on Radio Sputnik with his wife and he also presents news for London's Resonance FM about finance and market. In addition, he is writing for The Huffington Post.

How much is the salary and net worth of Max Keiser?

Max Keiser as a TV host

Fig: Max Keiser as a TV host

Max Keiser gained an enormous platform in his professional life at the age of 59 and has a net worth of $300k. Likewise, he earns $58k annually with the $25k commission, $5k bonus, and $5k as profit sharing amount, having a lot of experience and hard work. Online sources also report that a filmmaker has an average annual salary of $48k and earns $6k commission, $1k bonus, and $4k as a share of profit.

About wife and kids of Max Keiser

 Max Keiser with his wife

Fig: Max Keiser with his wife

In February 2003, Max Keiser met his wife, Stacy Herbert, and they soon started dating. They also stayed 9 years in a relationship after they got married in November 2012. Together, the couple works as a TV presenter and co-hosted shows. Max and Stacy have been together for 15 years and is happy to be married for the last six years. Until now, they're still giving birth to a child. There are absolutely no rumors of them splitting in the near future; they have a very stable relationship.

Facts about Max Keiser

Max Keiser was an early investor in both bitcoin and many startups related to bitcoin, including Kraken, Bitpay, Shapeshift, Unocoin, Bitpesa, Bitso, Bitfinex, Factom, Storj and Uphold. He created a popular online game called the Hollywood Stock Exchange and also produced several documentary films on the subject of finance.

On most social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Max Keiser is active. In addition, he currently has 65k followers on Facebook and 79.5k on Twitter.

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