Who is Coy Steward? Bio: Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

December 17, 2018Who is Coy Steward? Bio: Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

Coy Steward is an American actor, rapper, and singer. He is best known for being the main cast of television series like ‘Are we there yet?’ and ‘Bella the Bulldogs’.

How was the Early Life of Coy Steward?

Coy Steward was born on June 24, 1988. He was born in Columbia. It is located in South Carolina, United States. He was born in the family of Derek Steward and Keisha Steward. His father Derek Steward is an author and is also a professional basketball player. His mother Keisha Steward works as a manager. He has a younger brother named Chayse Steward who is also interested in acting. There is hardly any information about his early life and education. However, it is said that he was homeschooled. He was very much interested in acting from his childhood and wanted to pursue a career in it.

How did Coy Steward start his Career?

Coy Steward started his acting career in 2010. He debuted in the American television sitcom ‘Are we there yet?’ replacing Philip Daniel Bolden to play one of the main roles of Kevin Kingston-Persons in the series. He performed very well throughout the series which resulted in him in winning the Best Supporting Young Actor in a Comedy or Drama award at Young Artists Award in March 2011. In the episode from the action crime drama television series ‘The Glades’ titled ‘Mucked up,’ he featured as Declan on August 1, 2010. He also became part of the main cast of the American, comedy family TV series ‘The Electric Company’ while performing in ‘Are We There Yet?’ he also gained fame after being in the main cast of the American comedy television series ‘Bella and the Bulldogs’ as Tory Dixon. In November 2017, an announcement was made that Coy had been cast as a young inhuman called Flint in ABC aired action adventure drama television series ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’. He also played in a short drama film ‘The Judgment of Kyle Noble’ as the lead role of Malik Martin.

Who is in the Personal Life of Coy Steward?

Coy Steward prefers to keep his personal life away from public and media. He has not revealed anything about his lover or any dating status. His growing popularity can be clearly seen in his Instagram account. He has more than 254k followers in his Instagram account.

What can be the Net worth of Coy Steward?

Coy Steward is quite new to the industry. His net worth is not known. However, it can be estimated that he has made a decent amount of money from his acting career. By looking at his living standard it can be estimated that his net worth is close to million dollars.

Facts about Coy Steward

  • He made his career debut at an early age of 12.
  • His favorite actor is Leonardo Dicaprio, Will Smith and he says that he is also his role model. His favorite actress is Sandra Bullock.

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