Who is Carnie Wilson? Know her career, net worth, songs, playboy, personal life

February 7, 2018Who is Carnie Wilson? Know her career, net worth, songs, playboy, personal life

Born on April 29, 1968, as the daughter of "The Beach Boys" member Brian Wilson and singer of "The Honeys Marilyn Rovell", Carnie Wilson had certainly got her talent in music from her parents. Brought up with her younger sister Wendy Wilson, Carnie got awestruck by music from early childhood and went to succeed as a vocalist along with her sister comprehending along with her.

How did Carnie Wilson start her career?

Carnie Wilson started as a co-founder of the band Wilson Phillips along with her sister Wendy Wilson and childhood friend Chynna Phillips. The name Wilson Phillips was derived from the last name of their parents Brian and Marilyn Wilson, and John and Michelle Phillips. Started when they were teenagers, Carnie really had an insightful take on her musical career and proceedings since the beginning. Wilson released their first album "Wilson Phillips" in the year 1990. Most of the songs debuted at No.1 on US Billboard chart. The album was considered hit and gained quite a popularity. Upon the success of their debut album, the trio launched their second studio album Shadows and Light in 1992. The album did well in the industry. They collectively sold more than 12 million copies of their albums of 1990 and 1992. The band had a very good track record of three peak position in billboard and six in Top 20 chart before they parted their ways in 1993. The dismantling of the band didn’t stop the Wilsons to get along on their path to happiness.

Carnie released her third album named "Hey Santa!", in collaboration with her sister Wendy during late 1993. The year 1997 saw three Wilsons; Brian, Carnie, and Wendy on the same platform coming for the joint album The Wilsons which was a critical success. Carnie had released her first solo album for the first time in 2003 which was more of a failure. A year later in 2004, the trio came together again as Wilson Phillips and launched their third album California which garnered a lot of appreciation for them. A motherly instinct does a great change in a woman. So happened to Carnie Wilson. She launched the album "A Mother's Gift: Lullabies", an album of lullabies in 2006 after the arrival of her daughter Lola. Carnie also recorded an album "Christmas with Carnie" in 2007. Carnie is also known for her successful career as TV presenter and host. She hosted shows like Carnie!, Entertainment Tonight, E!, and many others. She also appeared in the shows like That's 70s Show, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Wife Swap, Chopped and was also in The New Celebrity Apprentice, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.     

How much is Carnie Wilson's Net worth?

Carnie Wilson is said to have the estimated net worth of $24 million. It wouldn’t be unethical to say that Carnie's riches was accumulated from her musical career which dated since the late 1980s to present. She also had help from her TV career for piling up such wealth.

Carnie Wilson's Songs

Carnie's songs from her albums had always been in the limelight. Be it her debut single or the movie song "Our Time Has Come", Wilson has time and again showed her tremendous caliber in music. Her songs "I Don’t Need You To" and "Warm Lovin' Christmastime" were eye candies. Even the reunion of Wilson and Phillips and their performance in 2017 grabbed much eye-balls.

Carnie Wilson in Playboy coverage

Featured nude in Playboy magazine in 2003, Carnie Wilson had to shred off 150 pounds for it. A sufferer of obesity, Carnie turned the same old fatty afterward. Recently, she is reported to have been diagnosed with Bell's palsy.

Who is in Carnie Wilson's personal life?

Carnie Wilson is a mother of two beautiful daughters; Lola and Luci. Her elder daughter Lola Sofia Bonfiglio was born in 2005 whereas she gave birth to her younger girl Luciana "Luci" Bella Bonfiglio in 2009. Carnie was married to Robert Bonfiglio, a musician and producer by profession, in 2000.



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