Who is Big Chief? Know his wiki, career, net worth, personal life

January 16, 2018Who is Big Chief? Know his wiki, career, net worth, personal life

Justin Shearer aka Big chief (37), the  Race master, professional street racer and the famous American television personality was born on December 9, 1980, in Louisville, America. Well recognized for starting in the USA Discovery channel reality show, "Street Outlaws" since June 20, 2013. The show had successfully completed its tenth seasons on Jan 22, 2018. The show focuses on giving street racers a chance to showcase their talent and also takes a closer look at their life. Chief is always proud of following his passion for racing and he made his successful and rich career in it.

Career of Big Chief

From childhood, he was interested in car racing and horse racing. He was fascinated with horses, either training them with his mother or he is busy helping his father with cars. Chief used to ride his bike to watch the street races on old Route66. Due to his passion, he eventually got the ownership and manager of the races and become the supreme of the Oklahoma Street racing. His passion for car racing and having a successful career and as a professional racer motivates most of the racer who wants to build up their career in this field.

He started saving because he wanted to build his own car. He has completely customized his dream car a 19792 Pontiac Lemans and has named it "The Cow". The opportunity presented itself when the car was finally constructed Chief was approached by Discovery Channel and offered the reality television show namely, "Street outlaws". He grabs the opportunity and so far he is doing a great job as a host and being a star of that reality show "Street outflows". He got both name and fame from this show.

Big Chief's Net Worth 

Stree Outlaws aired in 2013, since then the show had completed its tenth seasons successfully. Being major part of the show till now it has helped chief for a rich and successful career. Around 2010, a source revealed that his net worth is approximately $80000 which has been mostly accumulated due to his highly successful carry in racing and in television career in racing. He opened  a merchandise  shop after he got popular in street outlaws and it makes large part of income. He had played a very important role to complete the tenth season of Street Outlaws and because of the popularity of the shows, his income is almost around $2 million.

Personal life of Big Chief

Justin Shearer and Allicia Shearer got married on September 29 in the year 2006 and blessed with two boy children Cabin Sheatet and Covin Shearer. Allicia is a great car fan. She had worked as a respiratory therapist at Integris Southwest Medical Center. Chief was 18 when he met Allicia in the full-service gas station where both used to work. Cheif and Alicia had a long-term relationship almost a decade. They both share strong bond to each other. According to him his sons are biggest fans and proudest supporter. When chief is not involved in racing he spends most of his time at the gym with powerlifting and other gym training. He is a huge fan of energy drink Monster. He often drinks this energy drink and once in an interview, he said that one thing he can't live out is his energy drinks. He gained the nickname "Big Chief" as a very well known for city Street racing in Oklahoma, which was featured on the famous shows. He got his nickname from that show itself.


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