Who is Benjamin Maisani? Bio, Early life, Career, Gay Bar, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

February 8, 2019Who is Benjamin Maisani? Bio, Early life, Career, Gay Bar, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

Who is Benjamin Maisani?

Benjamin Maisani who is a successful businessman and co-owner of numerous restaurants is 45 years old. He never used the image of his former gay partner Anderson Cooper to concentrate the light of fame on himself, but instead worked his way to success and believes that hard work will pay off rather than fake popularity. Benjamin has a decent height of 5 feet and 6 inches and belongs to the Caucasian-White ethnicity and is both American and French. His sign of the zodiac is Capricorn

How was the Early life and Education of Benjamin Maisani?

Benjamin Maisani was born in Corsica, France on 27 January 1973 as Antoine Benjamin Maisani. He did not share much information about the days of his childhood and his family. Though he has earned tremendous respect as a celebrity throughout his life. Regarding his educational achievements, he graduated from Hunter College in art history. Maisani said that in an interview he would like to keep a low profile. As a bar owner, he has also won some fame and popularity.

When and how did Benjamin Maisani start his Career in Gay Bar?

It takes some kind of intestine to come out openly homosexual, Benjamin, who moved to New York to study film making with an excellent GPA of 4 at Hunter College. After college, his first job was in the Morgan Library in Madison Avenue but due to low income, he took up a job in Barracuda, a gay bar in Chelsea.

Benjamin Maisani working hard behind the bar in his early days Fig: Benjamin Maisani working hard behind the bar in his early days

Before started working in a gay bar Benjamin expressed himself as a very disgusting and introverted person. After serving in a bar, he improved his roles and fit a more extroverted person. Now Maisani has his own three gay bars, ‘Eastern Bloc’ which is at 505 E 6th St, ‘Bedlam Bar and Lounge’ located at 40 Avenue C and ‘Atlas Social Club’ situated on 753 9TH Ave. All these gay bars are the main attraction of the gay community in the city.

Who is in the Personal life of Benjamin Maisani?

Benjamin Maisani with Anderson Cooper Fig: Benjamin Maisani with Anderson Cooper

In 2009, Maisani was first recognized by Cooper, a renowned American journalist and primary an anchor of the CNN news show 'Anderson Cooper 360°.' Benjamin was in a relationship with Anderson but was able to maintain a low-key relationship until 2012 because they rarely talked to the media about their relationship. The rumor started again in October 2016, with Anderson's 92-year-old mom Vanderbilt, her beloved son walked down the aisle. Together, Maisani and Cooper live a very regular life, often walking on the streets of New York or spending quality time with friends like Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker, and others.

However their relation couldn’t survive for long, in 2018 the couple finally confirmed their division. According to the source, his long-time boyfriend Anderson Cooper said they had split but remained as a friend and would stay together to live on. However, he did not reveal the reasons for their separation and kept their information low. Some reports suggest that Benjamin was upset because Anderson spends a lot of time concentrating on his career. This might be the reason for their separation.

How much is the Net Worth of Benjamin Maisani?

Benjamin Maisani with Anderson Cooper Rye House in Connecticut Fig: Benjamin Maisani with Anderson Cooper Rye House in Connecticut

Benjamin Maisani, a young entrepreneur, has a net value of $4 million. Maisani and Cooper once moved together to a renovated fireplace in Greenwich Village, which they bought for $4.3 million in 2009, and a spacious Rye house in Connecticut worth $8 million. Anderson's net worth is around $100 million dollars.

Facts about Benjamin Maisani

Maisani enrolled at Hunter College and began working at the Morgan Library on Madison Avenue after graduation. Working at Gay Bars gave him confidence as well as being a quiet and reclusive businessman and Maisani is very protective about his personal life.

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