Who is Andre Royo? Bio, Career, Net worth, Wife & Daughter, Early life, Facts

April 8, 2019Who is Andre Royo? Bio, Career, Net worth, Wife & Daughter, Early life, Facts

Who is Andre Royo?

Andre Royo is one of America's leading actors, producers, and writers. As in the HBO crime drama series The Wire, he is best known for his role. In numerous other projects, he also made an appearance.

In the Early life of Andre Royo

Andre Royo was born under the birth sign Cancer on 18 July 1968 in Bronx, New York, USA. His father was of Cuban descent, and his mother was of African American descent. Some casting directors even gave him sarcastic comments such as "not enough black" or "not enough Latino." Who are his parents and whether or not he has siblings is unknown to us?

Speaking of his education, Royo went from 1982 to 1986 to the Mount Saint Michael Academy in The Bronx. He also studied acting at Manhattan's Uta Hagen's HB Studio.

In the Career of Andre Royo

Andre Royo in The Wire

Fig: Andre Royo in The Wire

Royo began his career by making his debut in L.A Without a Map movie. He later appeared as a guest in the Law & Order and Third Watch TV series. Despite having featured in several other TV series and films, he is best known for featuring in The Wire series. He played the role of Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins in the role in the HBO series.

Royo also made a brief appearance in the Terminator robot film: The Chronicles of the Sarah  Connor. He played a soldier's role in a unit in the film that was sent back in time. He has a long list of projects on which he has been working. His film credits are, among others, All the Invisible Children, 21 and a Wake-Up, Freelancers, The Spectacular Now, Hunter-Gatherer, and Prospect. Previously, at Manhattan's Room 203 Theater, he was a member of the small acting company that allowed people to act in plays in exchange for painting and building work.

How much is the net worth of Andre Royo?

 Andre Royo lifestyle

Fig: Andre Royo lifestyle

Andre Royo is a rarely found American actor of his kind. He is also a well-known actor who has also worked in many other projects. He earns a pretty good salary with respect to his income.  But because of less information about his financial status, it is less known about his income.

Since 1998, Royo has been prominent in the acting industry and it has been nearly two decades. He also follows a huge fan and a lot of Americans admire him. He also lives a lifestyle that is substantial and always finds a way to make time for his family. Regarding his net worth, over $760 thousand is speculated.

In the Personal life(Wife & Daughter) of Andre Royo

 Andre Royo with his wife Jane Choi

Fig: Andre Royo with his wife Jane Choi

Jane Choi is very fortunate to have her husband Andre Royo. Their marriage and whereabouts are less known. But together, the duo enjoys a happy life. Both seem to be mutually supportive and caring.

Andre and his wife Jane also have a loving daughter named Stella Royo. Both of them are parents of love, and they seem to have a strong bond. Let's wait to see whether or not the duo adds babies.


  • During his fighting phase, casting directors often told Royo that he was "not black enough" or "not Latino enough."
  • He once said that on the set of HBO's The Wire he was shooting away from the craft service table because Royo looked like homeless while playing Bubbles character.

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