Who is Aaleeyah Petty dating? Is she pregnant? Bio, Net worth, Career, Childhood, Facts

January 25, 2019Who is Aaleeyah Petty dating? Is she pregnant? Bio, Net worth, Career, Childhood, Facts

Who is Aaleeyah Petty?

Aaleeyah Petty is a petite, ravishing and highly photogenic American fitness model. In the social media, she became a sensation, especially on Instagram, Twitter, and Vine. The beautiful girl, who describes herself as a model, actress, host, and businesswoman, is a fitness enthusiast and posts her fitness videos on Vine and Instagram. Such fitness videos and other videos she shares in her social media accounts have gradually attracted enormous audiences and follow-ups. This helped her gain immense fame and popularity in social media, making her one of Vine and Instagram’s most glorious and in vogue personalities.

When and how did Aaleeyah Petty start her Career?

Aaleeyah Petty fitness model Fig: Aaleeyah Petty workout

Aaleeyah Petty has made her online career as a ladder to become famous and successful. She has several social media accounts, all of which helped her to gather followers and support them. She was passionate about fitness from an early age and used it to post online videos and tips. These helped her to get fans, fame, and money.

She was a former Viner and had videos with other vine makers like Melvin Gregg and Wuz Good as well. Her name was Aaleeyah Petty, a rather long name for Vine. Later, when the Vine app closed in early 2017, she took Instagram and focused her energy and efforts to gain success. Her Instagram account is called 'aaleeyahpetty' and soon became popular with her posted videos. The views and follow-up of these videos increased.

How was the childhood of Aaleeyah Petty?

Aaleeyah Petty was born in Chicago, Illinois, the USA on July 3, 1994. It is difficult to shed a lot of light on her childhood, early life and family because of the lack of information. Today this ravishing diva lives in Los Angeles. She's got a dog called Coco.

Back in school, she was focused very much on her grades. She graduated from high school and graduated from college for two years. She did not, however, graduate from her associate degree. She plans to return once she has achieved some of her modeling objectives and has a degree in business marketing.

Who is Aaleeyah Petty in Relationship with?

Petty is not married yet. Until now, she has been involved in several romantic activities. Some are known, while other relations have been kept secret and have occurred out of the public spotlight. She dates from 2014-2015 to the American professional basketball player Qunicy Cortez Miller. But for unknown reasons, this could not last. She was in a romantic relationship with rapper Future in 2015. She was close to Rich The Kid, an American hip hop artist, and record producer.

Aaleeyah Petty began dating a professional basketball player Cameron Payne after some time of singleness. They both have been watched on dinner dates and events. Both of them have never confirmed this relationship and have not revealed their plans for marriage and commitment. It was also stated that the two were divided and that Justin Combs is now in.

Aaleeyah Petty is pregnant?

Aaleeyah Petty Pregnant Fig: Aaleeyah Petty Pregnant

She announced her pregnancy through the social media on 17 December 2018. Both the fans were shocked and happy for her. But the biggest mystery was ‘Who is the baby father?' She didn't answer the questions and fans hope she will reveal them soon

How much is the Net worth of Aaleeyah Petty?

The main source of revenue for Aaleeyah is her Instagram account. She is paid based on her number of followers, sponsored posts for brands, the sale of her photographs and the answers of the audience. According to the sources, her net value is estimated at around $400k.

Facts about Aaleeyah Petty

Aleeyah Petty was a full-time nanny during her time at college. She had two little boys to watch and was always on duty. She admits that she falls asleep while watching them on the couch. She has accumulated more than 1.4 million followers since the opening of her new Instagram account, 'aaleeyahpetty.'

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