What is Mitch Blaschke into? Wiki, Career, Gold Rush, Net worth, Personal life, Early life

December 27, 2017What is Mitch Blaschke into? Wiki, Career, Gold Rush, Net worth, Personal life, Early life

Mitch Blaschke is an American Television Star who is well known for being a member of a cast of Gold Rush. Gold Rush is one of the most viewed reality television show in the United States on Friday evenings on the Discovery Channel.

Early Life and Career of Mitch Blaschke

Mitch Blaschke was born on December 4, 1984, in Oregon, United States. Mitch Blaschke started his career at an early age. He is a self-trained mechanic who started his career at an early age of 14 when he started working in a collision repair shop. He had to pay for his kart racing after school. After completing his high school, he started to work full time as a mechanic, learning all of his skills on the job.

Blaschke on work

Mitch Blaschke started his career in Gold Rush from the third season. He joined the crew of Hoffman from the third season of the show. Mitch and his entire crew gained a huge success by mining gold worth of $1.2 million in Quartz Creek. His skills were also praised by a lot of people. Due to the success, he gained in Quartz Creek; he again got a chance to be in the crew of Hoffman in Guyana when the crew went for another gold search movement. On the season 5, he joined the Scribner crew as he got the proposal from Gene Chessman. He received the huge fame and success with the team when they went to Scribner Creek claim. He became the major member of the team and participated in the next two seasons of the show with Parker’s team. Mitch is really passionate about what he does and always wants to be the best in his work.

What is the Net worth of Mitch Blaschke?

Blaschke on the way to his show

Mitch Blaschke is a hardworking as well as a very talented person. He is a self-trained mechanic and is an American Television star. Mitch Blaschke’s net worth is approximately over $200 thousand. His annual income is $100 thousand. He earns the money featuring on the reality Television Show, Goldrush as a crew member and also from gold mining. Mitch Blaschke’s net worth is set to grow even big as he is active in gold mining which gives him a huge amount of money.

Who is in the Personal life of Mitch Blaschke?

Blaschke with his lovely wife Hailey

Mitch Blaschke is a happily married man. He got married to the love of his life, Hailey on 23 July 2016 after dating for several years. Mitch Blaschke and Hailey seem to be enjoying their married life. They posted their first anniversary photos on social media (Facebook) by saying how good it feels to marry his better half. The couple doesn’t have any children. They live in Sandy, a city in Clackamas County, Oregon.


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