What happened to Jake Harris in Deadliest Catch? Wiki, Net Worth, Career, Personal Life

February 7, 2018What happened to Jake Harris in Deadliest Catch? Wiki, Net Worth, Career, Personal Life

Who is Jake Harris?

Jake Harris is a crab fisherman who is better known as a former Deadliest Catch star. Deadliest Catch is a documentary television series which was premiered on 12th April 2005 on the Discovery channel. The show reveals the intense discomfort and the mortal perils that the fishing crew face on the Bering Sea for the sake of catching delicacy, crabs. Jake is the youngest son of the fisherman and captain of the ship Cornelia Marie, Phil Harris.

Jake was caught while stealing the pills from his father while the show, Deadliest Catch was on and later on Jake confessed about his drug addiction to his father.

Know Career Of Jake Harris

Jake is an American by origin and was born on 23rd October 1985 in Seattle, Washington, United States. Being the son of a fisherman and a ship’s captain, loving the adventures on a voyage was inevitable for him and fishing in itself is an addicting thing. So Jake chose to become a crab fisherman at a very tender age.

In an interview, he talked about the immense pleasure he experiences being at the sea and fishing crabs The fisherman doesn’t hold any formal educational degree and once joked in an interview calling himself a graduate of the Cornella Marie School of crab fishing. He started his career in high school.

Know Net Worth Of Jake Harris

From the reality television series, Deadliest catch, Jake earned both fame and wealth and the sum total of his worth is $100 thousand. His successful fishing career and his book in collaboration with his brother have obviously helped him in his earnings

Know Career Of Jake Harris

Jake initially worked as a pizza boy and for sometimes in a slaughterhouse before getting involved in the fishing business. Then Jake worked as the ship’s bait boy and soon got promoted to higher ranks on his father’s fishing vessel, Cornella Marie. Jake worked at the sea for about seven years, since the age of 19. While being in the fishing business, Jake along with his father Phil Harris, his elder brother Josh Harris and the crew members were featured in a documentary series aired on Discovery channel, Deadliest Catch. The series brought him overnight success and wealth. On 9th February 2010, Phil died of a pulmonary embolism and an entire episode of Deadliest catch on 20th July 2010 was dedicated to Phil’s achievement.

Soon after the death of his father, Jake and his brother Josh started to work in different boats and later purchased the fishing vessel, Cornelia Marie, where their father worked as a captain. Jake and Josh together published a book, Captain Phil Harris: The Legendary crab fisherman, Our Hero, Our Dad. But Jake left the show Deadliest catch in 2012 and the reason behind is unknown but is guessed to be his drug addiction. Sadly, Jake has been a drug addict since his high school days and was arrested in April 2017 for the possession of Xanax and Crystal Meth. He even stole a car under the influence of drug and was arrested for it.

In The Personal Life Jake Harris

Jake is a handsome young man with 5 feet and 9-inch height though shorter for a crab fisherman. Jake is a workaholic and preferred all the media attention on his work than his personal life. So nothing is known about his relationships though he is supposed to be single. A hardworking young man who was ready for absolutely any chore must deserve a better life than a drug addict.

After the deadliest catch, Jake had been in news in November 2016 after he was brutally attacked and robbed by a stranger couple whom he met at Quill Ceda Creek Casino in Marysville. The couple had offered to drive Jake to his home but rather drove him to Everett. On getting an opportunity, the couple dropped him off the car and attacked him from behind leaving him unconscious. Fortunately, Jake came back to his senses and found himself on one side of a highway with $2400 cash lost. He was admitted to ICU where a crack in the skull and a severe brain injury was observed in his medical reports. Obviously, it took a while for Jake to completely recover from injury and Jake’s brother Josh updated Jake's fans about his recovery.

Soon after he recovered from this attack incident, he again gained media attention after he was arrested in charge of drug possession and a car robbery. Jake had been on vacation with one of his female friends but they had a little argument on the certain matter. Jake was furious and drove away his female friend's car without permission in April 2017. That lady reported the police about her car robbery and on search, police found the car with Xanax and crystal meth. Jake admitted to the drug possession.

After failing to appear on the ordered date, Jake received an arrest warrant and was later declared as wanted in Phoenix state. After the court incident, Jake tried to escape the media attention and is spending time with his family and friends. Jake’s brother Josh is ready to return in the 14th season of Deadliest Catch and Jake's fans are expecting his return in the show through any official declarations have not been made.

Recent Activities of Jake Harris

Till now Josh Harris, brother of Jake Harris, was running the wheelhouse of F/V Cornelia Marie which was formerly owned and operated by his father, Phil Harris till 2010. Josh has the biggest share in F/V Cornelia Marie while there is no information whether Jake owns any share in it or not.

At present both Harris brothers, Josh and Jake are casting together in the 'Deadliest Catch season 14' where Josh caption his father's boat. In episode 5 'Collision Void' which was released on May 2018, in which a missing boat part leaves Jake at sea. Brotherly tension rises as Sig gets ready to pass the torch to Edgar but he can't give up the reins. Episode 7 'Cash of Kings' was released on 22 May 2018, in which Jake makes a devil's bargain until his boat itself is on the line for huge crab hidden perils and also he faces unexpected challenges on an eerily calm Bearing sea. During episode 8 'Becoming caption', released on 29 May 2018, in which Jake experiences a deck mishap on the Saga where his brother Josh discovered secret fishing grounds in his late father's logbook.

Where is the Deadliest Catch cast Jake Harris in 2018? What happened to him?

Harris brothers

These are the most asked and searched questions nowadays. Lately, Jake Harris has stayed out of all sorts of controversies after spending few years of his life in a roller coaster. He has updated lastly on December 21, 2017. Since then there are no any traces of his on social media. Harris has disappeared from the public eyes in 2018. His brother Josh said in a recent interview that Jake Harris is still working on getting things right in his personal life. There are no any signs shown either that Jake Harris will return to the show soon. Jake Harris estimated net worth as of 2018 is $1 million.

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