Warren Beatty bio, Movies, Wife, Oscars, Children, Young, Net worth, Facts

February 14, 2019Warren Beatty bio, Movies, Wife, Oscars, Children, Young, Net worth, Facts

Who is Warren Beatty?

Warren Beatty is a very successful actor, producer, and director from the United States. He is one of only three individuals who has been nominated for an Oscar for writing, producing, directing and starring in the same film, a feat he has achieved two times with films Heaven Can Wait and Reds.

Due to the multifaceted nature of his talents, Beatty has won a total of 14 nominations for the Academy Award, winning only one for Best Director for the Reds film. In 1999, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honored Beatty with the Irving G. Thalberg Award. Warren Beatty also received 18 nominations for the Golden Globe, winning 6, including the 2007 Cecil B. DeMille Golden Globe Award.

In the Early life of Warren Beatty

 Warren Beatty in his childhood

Fig: Warren Beatty in his childhood

Henry Warren Beatty landed on earth on 30 March 1937 in Richmond, Virginia, America. His mother, Kathlyn Corinne, was a teacher and his father, Ira Owens Beatty, had a doctorate in educational psychology and worked as an administrator of public schools. His grandparents were educators as well.

He attended Arlington's Washington-Lee High School where he emerged as a football star. At that time, his elder sister, Shirley MacLaine, ventured into acting, which also motivated him to act. He was reportedly offered several college football scholarships, but he declined them and in 1954 chose to study liberal arts at Northwestern University. After a year, he left the university to study acting with prominent coach Stella Adler in the Stella Adler Acting Studio.

The Career and movies of Warren Beatty

 Warren Beatty in Reds

Fig: Warren Beatty in Reds

The talented actor made his feature film debut in the widely acclaimed box-office hit Splendor in the Grass (1961), which, in addition to a nomination for Best Actor, won him the award ‘Golden Globe New Star of the Year.’ Roles in Mrs. Stone's Roman Spring (1961), Lilith (1963), Mickey One (1965), Kaleidoscope (1966) and others followed. Warren Beatty made his production debut in the highly acclaimed biopic Bonnie and Clyde (1967), doubling as the leading actor.

In the romantic comedy film Shampoo (1975), which was also a massive hit, Beatty also produced, co-wrote and starred. With the fantasy comedy Heaven Can Wait (1978), he continued his A-list status as a director, producer and lead actor. Similarly, Beatty served as a producer, co-writer and lead actor in the historical epic film Reds (1981), produced, directed and performed in the action comedy Dick Tracy (1990) and the crime drama Bugsy (1990).

Warren Beatty took another long break from acting after the abysmal performance of the 2001 romantic comedy Town & Country in which he starred. When he resumed his role of Dick Tracy in a spin-off Dick Tracy Special (2010), he returned as an actor and director. In the romantic comedy-drama Rules Don't Apply (2016), he also co-wrote, co-produced, directed and starred. The movie was a commercial flop, though.

Who is Warren Beatty's wife?

Warren Beatty with his wife Annette Bening

Fig: Warren Beatty with his wife Annette Bening

Warren Beatty is currently married to his nearly 3-decade wife, actress Annette Bening. On March 3, 1992, the couple tied the knot. They have four children: Kathlyn Elizabeth (born in January 1992), Benjamin (born in August 1994), Isabel (born in January 1997) and Ella (born in April 2000). Their oldest daughter Kathlyn came out in 2006 as a transgender male and is now called Stephen.

Warren Beatty had a reputation for his many affairs before his current union, which earned him a star-studded array of ex-lovers. He participated in a number of high-profile relationships with English actress Joan Collins, the most prominent of which. In the early 60s, Beatty and Collins were engaged, but they never went to the altar.

How much is Warren Beatty net worth?

Warren Beatty has achieved all-round success in every facet of filmmaking throughout his long-running career. As an actor, director and filmmaker, he has achieved numerous box office successes. At present, the illustrious Hollywood star has a net value of $ 70 million.

Facts about Warren Beatty

Since he was about 10, he has been obsessed with Punani. He believes that "American sexual puritanism's consequences" have made his country a laughing stock in Europe. The night before she died, he had a nice time with Marilyn Monroe. He was a shy young man until Jane Fonda unleashed his searing lust.

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