Tom Arnold Bio, Comedian, Spouse, Net worth, Career, Movies, Facts

January 21, 2019Tom Arnold Bio, Comedian, Spouse, Net worth, Career, Movies, Facts

Who is Tom Arnold?

Tom Arnold is a popular and versatile comedian with a career in Hollywood as a roller-coaster. Arnold finally found his calling in stand-up comedy after working as a meat packer, box stacker, barkeeper and bouncer in his youth. His belief and ambition led him first to Minneapolis and then to Hollywood. After meeting the already famous comedian Roseanne Barr, who was followed by a successful partnership, both professionally and personally, his life took a sudden turn. Arnold married Roseanne and succeeded in writing and producing the television show 'Roseanne.'

But while the man had no other project to overshadow the prominence of the above facts about his life, he is a man of many interests and has a diverse summary that transcends screenwriting, comedy, and politics.

How was the Early life of Tom Arnold?

Tom Arnold was born in the working class city of Ottumwa, Iowa, to Linda Kay and Jack Arnold. His parents divorced when he was four years old and his father remarried. Tom has six brothers and sisters. He was enrolled in the Ottumwa High School and worked for a few years in a local meatpacking plant in Hormel before he was taken out of work. He studied at the Indian Hills Community College and Iowa University, where he administered and wrote business. Arnold tried his hand at the student union of the school in a stand-up comedy.

When and how did Tom Arnold start his Career?

Arnold moved to Minneapolis in the early 1980s and began performing his act 'Tom Arnold and the Fabulous Goldfish Revue' in the local comedy clubs. During this time he met the rising comedian Roseanne Barr, both of whom became friends and admirers. Arnold and Barr toured together in the next few years. In 1988, Arnold won the "Minneapolis Comedy Competition" and took part in the special show of the HBO "The Roseanne Barr Show”.

Perhaps it was a case of using humor to hide the emotional problems he dealt with when he grew up, but whatever it was, he would graduate from business administration in stand-up comedy for a career. Fortunately for Tom, it didn't turn out to be a bad decision because Roseanne Barr, a sitcom star of the 80s/90s, signed him to be a writer on her show.

Despite the setback of 'The Jackie Thomas Show', Tom Arnold's career progressed. In 1994, he had the chance to play alongside one of the biggest action stars in film history, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his humorous sidekick in ‘True Lies’, a film directed by James Cameron, the superstar director. Tom hosted shows such as ‘The Best Damn Sports Show Period’, ‘My Big Redneck Wedding’, as well as feature films. He also took part in shows like ‘I am a celebrity... get me out of here!’

His filmography covers films such as ‘Nine months’, ‘Mr. Magoo’, ‘Judge Dredd’, ‘Happy Ends’ and ‘Homo Erectus’. He has appeared in more than 50 film and television projects since his career began in the 1980s. During his career, he fought against alcoholism and drug addiction, but he overcame it and now he's sober.

Who is Tom Arnold married to?

In 1990 he married the well-known comedian Roseanne Barr, a highly publicized relationship which only lasted four-year. In 1995, he married Julie Champnella, a hairstylist, and stayed with her in a splendid Mediterranean house in Beverly Hills. After four years the couple divorced for personal reasons. He married a political consultant, Shelby Roos in 2002. But this marriage was also not successful and after six years, they got divorced. Tom had to pay $15,000 every month for 25 months, but kept her home in Tarzana, California, as part of her spousal support. Then he met Ashley Groussman and got married in 2009. Since then the couple is living a happy life.

Arnold plays a pedophile in the 2008 film 'Gardens of the Night,' a role that led him to reveal his own sexual abuse in his childhood by an older man.

How much is the Net worth of Tom Arnold?

The value of Tom Arnold assets is $30 million. His wealth comes from his marriage to Roseanne Barr, despite his lack of a filmography with commercially successful projects. The divorce from the TV star proved to be a lucrative move for him, earning him up to $20 million under the pre-nuptial agreement. His income from comedy and royalties from past projects helped him to preserve his wealth.

Facts about Tom Arnold

Although Arnold was raised as a Methodist and was expected to remain one, he was converted to Judaism by his marriage to Roseanne Barr and has remained one ever since. Since Donald Trump’s rise to the White as President of the United States, Arnold has joined a host of Hollywood stars as American President’s vocal critics. His birth certificate reads Thomas Duane Arnold, although he is better known as Tom Arnold.

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