Who is Sydelle Noel's husband? Bio, Parents, Black Panther, Net worth, Childhood, Facts

February 22, 2019Who is Sydelle Noel's husband? Bio, Parents, Black Panther, Net worth, Childhood, Facts

Who is Sydelle Noel?

Sydelle Noel is a former American athlete who is currently an actress. She is well known for her appearance as Cherry Bang in the GLOW TV series. She is also well known for her portrayal as Xoliswa in the recent Black Panther movie.

The Childhood of Sydelle Noel and Parents

Sydelle Noel was born on 16 July 1985 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is of Afro-American ethnicity. Noel's father died when she was only nine. She grew up with her mother and brother, Ruben Granger. She attended the University of Georgia on a track scholarship and obtained a degree in sports management with an emphasis on business. Noel's professional career went well for a few years and ended due to a stress fracture. In 2004, Sydelle Noel moved to California and started her career as a sports model before acting. Currently, the stars of Netflix's GLOW, a new comedy series along with the star Alison Brie, are most noted. This was her first big project, followed by her recent role in the Black Panther film. Since her appearance in non - speaking roles in advertising, Noel received her first - speaking role in a 2007 episode of private practice.

Career progression of Sydelle Noel in Black Panther

 Fig: Sydelle Noel as an athlete in her early days

Sydelle Noel, one of Black Panther's blockbuster films, had dreamed of appearing on TV as an Olympian. The former sports model suffered an injury during college and gave up her hopes of showing her talent at the Olympics. She balanced her on-screen and off-screen work and grew in the Hollywood industry. Sydelle's career shift in Hollywood came to be fruitful as her big breakthrough came from the film Black Panther as Dora Milaje. Since 2017, she has also portrayed the leading role as Cherry "Junkchain" Bang in Netflix's comedy GLOW.

 Fig: Sydelle Noel in the movie Black Panther

In the Netflix series GLOW, Sydelle hypnotized the audience with her character, Cherry Bang. In her June 2018 interview with the Essence, the nominated actress from the Screen Actors Guild talked about her role. She talked about Cherry's growth from going to the rollercoaster during the second season. In the TV series, Cherry fell in love with Keith Bang and married him. American actor Bashir Salahuddin portrayed her on-screen husband's character as Keith. Sydelle didn't even know that she had to play a married role on-screen in the series and found out during the second episode of the first season. When Sydelle found out that her on-screen husband was Bashir, and the producers wanted her to have a stable and loving relationship, she was blown away. She thanked her producers for their role, which was contrary to most of the timeline in which a single mother struggles. She and Bashir not only share jaw-dropping chemistry on the screen but also maintain close ties in real life. During Bashir's 42nd birthday on 1 July 2018, she warmly wished him on Twitter and gushed about their on-screen chemistry  Although he's Bashir's on-screen wife, they're just good friends behind the camera. Behind the screen, Sydelle has managed to hide her love life and is reportedly unmarried since February 2019.

Sydelle Noel's Net worth

Sydelle Noel earns a good deal of money from her successful career as an actress. In various movies and television series, her appearance can be shown. As of 2018, Noel's total net worth is estimated to be $3 million. Her recent appearance in the movie Black Panther has earned her a good amount of money, as the movie generated $1,273,899,634 worldwide. Her other hit movie includes Sisters ($105,011,053).

In the Personal life of Sydelle Noel

Unlike professional life, Sydelle Noel's life was never part of the controversy. She probably prefers to keep her love life to herself or to focus on her career rather than boyfriend and stuff. In our legitimacy, Sydelle Noel has not married anyone yet. Like everybody else, Sydelle could also be dating her secret boyfriend. Unless she feels comfortable making statements about her dating affair and boyfriends, we can't predict randomly. As of now, Sydelle Noel seems to be alone because she has never been open about her dating affairs and boyfriend. As a family girl, she loves to spend more time with her family.

Facts about Sydelle Noel

A 33 years old Sydelle did sports modeling before she started acting and also drove for Uber and her Zodiac sign is Cancer. She is also active in social media sites such as Instagram Twitter.

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