Shelley Long left "Cheers"? Her bio, career, net worth, movies & tv shows, personal life

February 7, 2018Shelley Long left


Born on the 23rd of August, 1949 (Fort Wayne of Indiana, United States of America) currently 68 years old of age. Shelley Lee Long commonly known as Shelley Long is an actress. Her horoscope sign is Virgo, eyes are blue colored along with blonde hairs and fair skin. Although Long is native American she has mixed genes of English, German, Scots-Irish and also partly Dutch.

How did Shelley Long start her career? (Movies & TV Shows)

She was indulged with “The Second City” comedy cast which was in Chicago. In the year 1975, she started writing, Producing as well as Co-hosting the TV show named “Sorting It Out”. Furthermore, she made a guest appearance in an episode of “The Love Boat (1978)”. Moreover, her prominent role came in Television movie called “The Cracker Factory” in the year 1979. In that year, she also starred on “family” along with “Trapper John M.D.”. Later on, she was seen in the movie named “A Small Circle of Friends (1980)” which was her first feature movie. The story of the movie revolved around the situation of social unrest at Harvard University during the late 60s. Additionally, in early 1982, she landed on a role for “Night Shift” followed by “Losin’ It was 1983, which also had Tom Cruise in the lead cast.

Although Long had been in feature films more than a couple of times, her career and fame took off after her role in the television sitcom called “Cheers”. In the series, she played a character named, “Diane Chambers”, whose love interest was Sam Malone. Even though the show wasn’t able to grab the attention of the audience as soon as it was released, however, it managed to become one of the most popular shows on the air. Unfortunately, Shelley left the cast of Cheers after working for five seasons in the year 1987.

After leaving the set of “Cheers”, Shelley continued projects concerned with big-screen. She was seen in the movie “Irreconcilable Differences”, Long was nominated for best leading actress Golden Globe for her act in the movie. Addition to that, she also starred in “The Money Pit”, “Outrageous Fortune” and in “Hello Again”.

Recently in 2016, Long produced as well as acted in the movie “Different Flowers”.


How much can be the net worth of Shelley Long?

According to the resources, she has an estimated of $16 million net-worth of property. Shelley has not revealed the exact amount of her salary or the rates of any sources of income. Although there hasn’t been any specific information or rumours regarding the cost of her shelter, however, Shelley used to live in a house with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, whose area expanded to a 4080 square feet until the year 2004.

Who is in Shelley Long's personal life?

Talking about her personal life, Shelley long had a marriage to her first husband Ken Solomon, which didn’t last long and that resulted in a divorce. Later, she met her 2nd husband, Bruce Tyson, it has been said that the couple met on a blind date in 1979. The pair dated each other for two consecutive years. They eventually decided to tie the knot and eventually the lovebirds married on 16th October 1981. The marriage came to a sudden flip after Bruce filed a divorced in 2004 after being married for more than two decades. The pair had a biological daughter, Juliana, on March 27, 1985. Her subsequent try at being pregnant ended in a miscarriage in 1989. Shelley is currently divorced.

How was Shelley Long's early life?

Born in castle Wayne of Indiana, the USA on the August 23rd of 1949. She was born to Ivadine Long and Leland Long. Speaking approximately her adolescence, she became very interested in the arena of modeling at an early age. Moreover, Long has mentioned in many interviews that as a youngster she always dreamt of becoming a successful actress developing up. Shelley attended the “South Side High School” which was located in the Fort Wayne. After graduating from the South Side she joined the Northwestern University to pursue Drama, but due to some issues she couldn’t finish her education and left before even graduating.

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