Sara Rue has overweight problem? Bio: Career, Net Worth, Personal Life, Early Life, Update

April 17, 2018Sara Rue has overweight problem? Bio: Career, Net Worth, Personal Life, Early Life, Update

Who is Sara Rue?

Sara Rue is an American television actress and producer. She has portrayed many memorable characters in many television series but her role as Carmen Ferrara on TV series ‘popular’ and as Claude Casey on ‘Less than perfect’ proved to be the most significant roles in her career till date. She also played some cameo roles in the series like Will and Grace, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, East Wick and many more. Rue’s weight loss journey has also been an inspiration for many ladies out there struggling with obesity. In spite of being the mother of two, Rue is juggling her both personal and professional life in perfect harmony.

Know Career Of Sara Rue

Rue made her acting debut from an early age of nine years in a movie named, ‘Rocket Gibraltar’ where she played Kevin Spacey’s daughter in the year 1988. In the television series Roseanne, Rue played the character of young Roseanne. Rue grabbed an opportunity to act in a comedy series, ‘Grand’. Then she worked back to back in many series like ‘Phenom’, ’Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane’, ‘Minor adjustments’, ‘ER’, ‘The Division’ and ‘Less than perfect’. Rue also appeared in the big screen in the movies like ‘A Map of the World’, ‘Can't Wait’, ‘A Slipping Down Life’, ‘Gypsy 83’, ‘Idiocracy’ and ‘The Ring’. The director of the movie, ‘Pearl Harbour’ who is Michael Bay was so in awe by Rue’s acting skills that he wrote a role for her in the same movie, ‘Pearl Harbour’. In the year 2006, the actress appeared in the film ‘Idiocracy’ as Attorney General. In Little Egypt, a stage musical in which Rue Starred along with Jenny O’Hara, French Stewart and Greg Henry at the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles. From 2006 to 2009, the actress appeared in the series like ‘Two and a Half Men’ ‘East wick’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ with appearances in the movies like ‘Man Made’ and ‘For Christ’s Sake ‘In the year 2010, Rue starred in the Rules Of Engagement portraying the characters of Brenda, Jeff and Audrey’s New Surrogate. She also wrote a show on The WC named Poseurs and starred as well, with the name Lucy, a straight girl who had turned into Lesbian after the end of her engagement. On the ABC’s series, ‘Malibu country’ Rue played the role of Kim Sallinger that only aired for one season from 2012 to 2013. Rue appeared in CBS' sitcom, ‘Mom’ (2014) as Candice, TV land comedy, ‘Impastor’(2015) as Dora, ABC’s, ‘American wife’(2016) as Nancy Granville and Netflix comedy-drama series, ‘A series of Unfortunate Events’(2017) as Olivia Caliban.

In The Early Life Of Sara Rue

Sara Rue was born to father Marc Schlackman, a stage manager and mother Joan Schlackman, a former actress as well as a municipal employee. Rue was born on 26th January 1979 in New York City, United States. The actress is Jewish and has a younger sister. She has already worked for three decades in Hollywood since she started her acting career at the age of nine and is currently 39 years old.

In The Personal Life Of Sara Rue

Rue’s first husband is director and producer Mischa Livingstone whom she married in the year 2001 and divorced in 2007. Rue married second time with the love of her life and four-year-long boyfriend Kevin Price, a teacher on 11th may 2011. The couple was blessed with a cute daughter Talulah Rue Price on 9th February 2013. The couple decided to extend their family of three to four by adopting another daughter, ‘Adelaide Rue Price’ in November 2016. Rue is living happily with her husband and her two daughters. Rue always had overweight problems but she geared up to lose weight and has lost more than 50 pounds. Though the weight loss journey was not very easy as people think celebrities have. She revealed that whoever you are you just have to work out and be selective about what you put into your mouth. After being a mom, she had a responsibility of being an ideal mom for her two daughters. So the actress decided to adopt the healthy lifestyle to inspire her kids.

On her being health conscious, she quoted, ‘I’m more motivated than ever to stay on course because I’m now a mom. I just want to be as healthy of a role model as I can be for her. I always think if I ever have a moment of being upset with myself or if I have a bad food day, I look at my daughter and I’m like, I made this beautiful, perfect creature. Therefore, I am awesome and try to love myself for that’. On being a celebrity is it easy to lose weight, she quoted ‘If there was a magic button that celebrities could press to make weight loss easy, we would all be doing it all the time. The truth is everybody has to work really hard. I don’t have a personal chef. I’m a working mom, and I’m just doing the best I can like everybody else.’

Recent News Involving Sara Rue

Recently on 21st April, Rue was suggesting her Twitter followers watch the movie, ‘LoveAndBAnanas’ on the Earth Day that is 22nd April and wrote, ‘NEW YORK FRIENDS!!!!If you can, I highly recommend this movie @LoveAndBAnanas’.

What's The Estimated Net Worth Of Sara Rue

According to People With Money magazine, Sara Rue is the highest paid actress. Her net worth is at $185 million and all the credit goes to her sharp business mind. She has put her hands into everything that is related to money whether it be owning restaurants named ‘Fat Rue Burgers’, the ‘New York Angels' to substantial property holding, investing in stock market, endorsement deals with Cover Girl Cosmetics. She also owns her own clothing line called Sara Rue Seduction and a perfume brand called ‘With Love From Sara'.



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