Sam Heughan's brother Cirdan Heughan Bio, Net worth, Career, Wife, Childhood, Facts

January 25, 2019Sam Heughan's brother Cirdan Heughan Bio, Net worth, Career, Wife, Childhood, Facts

Who is Cirdan Heughan?

Cirdan Heughan is Scottish actor Sam Heughan’s elder brother who is famous for 'Outlander.' This series is shot inside his home country, where he depicted Jamie Fraser's role. Sam was in the spotlight, and therefore many things were written and told about him. There is very little information about Cirdan Heughan, his brother.

How was the childhood of Cirdan Heughan? Also his Parents

Cirdan Heughan birthplace is Scotland. He leads a secret life and there's no information on his birth date. In 1980 his brother Sam was born. His native place is Scotland's rural Southwest section. He was raised in old converted stables in a castle area with his brother Sam.

Cirdan with his parents and brother Sam Fig: Cirdan with his parents and brother Sam

His father had left the family. His mother Chrissie Heughan did strange jobs as a shoemaker to look after her two children. She has sometimes worked as a teacher and is now an artisan and papermaker and deals with hand-made paper.

How did Cirdan Heughan got his name?

His parents were a prominent part of the Lord of the Rings. They were also part of a group called "Gandolf’s Garden." Cirdan got his name in 'Lord of Rings' from the elves. The elf Cirdan built the boat to ferry the elves to the Middle Earth.

When and how did Cirdan Heughan start his Career?

Cirdan Heughan is not a famous figure, so his profession has no information. Rather than himself, he is known as the elder brother of Sam Heughan, the popular Scottish actor. Sam Heughan is famous for his role in the Outlander TV drama. The actor has been the main cast in Outlander since 2014, along with Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies and many more.

Cirdan certainly doesn't work like his brother Sam in the showbiz, but there's no information about what profession he's taken in his life. Cirdan does a good job for himself, hopefully.

Who is Cirdan Heughan married to?

Cirdan with his wife and son Fig: Cirdan with his wife and son

Cirdan Heughan’s possess married status. His past relationships have no details. The name of his wife is Vicki Heughan. However, her full name was not disclosed. There is no information about the dating history of the couple; where they met and when they started dating? When the two married, it is also unknown. They have a lovely son, whose birth date is also unknown.

The couple leads a happy married life and takes part in Sam's success. Brother Cirdan and his wife are both very pleased with Sam. Sam loves spending his time with them, too. He admires and loves his nephew, and is seen with his nephew, brother, and wife in photographs.

How much is the Net worth of Cirdan Heughan?

Since there is no information on the professional life of Cirdan Heughan, there is also no information on his net worth. We can say that he probably makes a decent sum of money and has earned a fair net value of thousands of dollars. The popular brother of Cirdan, Sam Heughan, has a good net worth of 5 million dollars.

Facts about Cirdan Heughan

Sadly, the wife of Cirdan reported that she had been diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2008. Vicki promoted charity for those living with cancer. Each year, she helps to raise money and donates to cancer patients. Shortly after their meeting with their father in 2015, the father of Cirdan died of leukemia.

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