Role of Hunter Hoffman in Gold rush: Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

December 27, 2017Role of Hunter Hoffman in Gold rush: Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

Hunter Hoffman is an American Television Personality primarily known for his appearance on the Discovery Channel series Gold Rush. Hunter is a third generation miner.

The Early Years of Hunter Hoffman



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Hunter Hoffman was born in 1999 to parents Todd Hoffman and Shauna Hoffman. He also has a sister named Hudson. Hunter grew up in Sandy, Oregon where his father owns an airport. He graduated high school in 2016 but had no plans to go to college straight away. However, the thought did cross his mind after a visit to a friend’s college and Hoffman has since expressed his desire to take a few classes.

Hunter Hoffman’s Career: Gold Rush and Beyond

Hunter’s father Todd appears in the Discovery Channel reality show, Gold Rush. The show follows a group of miners trying to strike gold in the highlands of Alaska. Todd initially expressed concern over his son
becoming a TV personality but eventually allowed him to appear on the show. Hunter made his Gold Rush debut in a behind the scenes footage in 2011. He has since appeared in multiple episodes of the show but
made has been prominently featured since the 2016 season. Hunter has said that he joined the mining business after getting inspired by the stories of his grandpa whom he ‘freakin adores’.

Hunter and Todd’s relationship has been a prominent storyline in Gold Rush since the sixth season. During the 3rd episode of the season, the first of their many TV arguments took place. Their relationship became
a focal point in season 8. In episode 3 that aired on October 27, 2017, Todd interfered with Hunter’s wash-plant; this event was credited in the official episode description to have pushed their relationship to a ‘breaking point’. In episode 5, Hunter would make a very bold decision to shut down his and his father’s operations. Their relationship would further deteriorate and Hunter’s rookie mistake in episode 13 would
cause much upheaval in the Hoffman team. The very next episode found Todd trying to mend his relationship with Hunter by trying his best to get his son on his team. In the second to last episode of the season, Hunter tries to convince everybody to change their mining site for a better yield. The team would have a very unlucky streak in the season finale after which Todd tries to make everyone feel better including Hunter.

Who is in the Personal Life of Hunter Hoffman?


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Hunter Hoffman has been with his girlfriend, Bri Ramseth, since high school. Unsurprisingly, the couple went to their high school prom together. They have also been noted to frequently show their love for
each other via Instagram feeds.

Hunter Hoffman is also an enthusiastic photographer. He also has stated that he loves hunting and tries to go on at least a single hunting trip in a year. Hunter also loves to eat the animals he killed and has even shot a deer once. Like many of his family members, Hunter is an avid traveler. Besides the locations for Gold Rush, he has visited the Middle East and also went on a trip to New Zealand.

Despite a turbulent relationship in Gold Rush, Hunter has a pretty decent relationship with his father at home. They have been on multiple trips together and Hunter has also picked up songs for his father’s singing career.

What is the Net Worth of Hunter Hoffman?


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Hunter Hoffman has no credible net worth due to his very young age but his father is worth $5 million dollars and Hunter himself will earn similar money if he continues his work in the Gold Rush.

Interesting Facts about Hunter Hoffman

  • Hunter uses a Samsung phone to take pictures for his Instagram profile.
  • He was most stunned by the Old City of Jerusalem among all of his travel destinations.

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