Rob Kerkovich bio, Career status, Net worth, Personal life(Gay), Early life, Facts

April 5, 2019Rob Kerkovich bio, Career status, Net worth, Personal life(Gay), Early life, Facts

Who is Rob Kerkovich?

Rob Kerkovich is a well-known actor of American TV and movie. He is best known for portraying Forensic Agent Sebastian Lund's part on CBS Military Drama and Police Procedural Series "NCIS: New Orleans".

In the Early Life of Rob Kerkovich

Rob Kerkovich was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, on 11 August 1988. He is a member of the white race and maintains American citizenship. He grew up attending a St. John's Roman Catholic Preparatory School in his birthplace. Fascinated by working from a young age, during his adolescent years in 2004 he started to work professionally in the sector. He also featured in films like "The Rebound," "Cloverfield," and "Still Waiting...."

In the Career of Rob Kerkovich

 Rob Kerkovich in New Orleans

Fig: Rob Kerkovich in New Orleans

Rob is renowned as an actor for appearing on television shows rather than in films. When he performed Cameron West's part in CSI: Miami in 2009, he got his first part in a TV show. He had to perform as Young Guy in the popular American sitcom, Modern Family, after three years. Rob emerged in the television show the same year, like Judah, 2 Broke Girls. He quickly appeared in 2014 as Tim in New Girl. He didn't leave much time for a break as after just one year he performed Graham's part in Chasing Life. Rob became one of the leading characters in the Crime-drama series, NCIS New Orleans, Forensic Agent Sebastian Lund in 2018.

Although he doesn't have a lot of credits on films, there are a few that have earned him recognition. Cloverfield in 2008 was the first ever film Rob performed in. As he appeared as Mitch in the romance-comedy film, The Rebound in 2009, he continued his steps in the movies. Rob didn't just act because he left a writer's place at one stage. He has written a series episode, Happy Endings. He was the comedy group's co-founder, Summer of Tears, too. With all his contributions to the entertainment sector

How much is the net worth of Rob Kerkovich?

Rob Kerkovich lifestyle

Fig: Rob Kerkovich lifestyle

Rob Kerkovich has spent in the acting industry for over a century. He has performed important roles in TV series and films and appeared in several music videos. So his net worth is $ 1 million.

In the Personal Life(Gay) of Rob Kerkovich

 Rob Kerkovich with his wife Anjali

Fig: Rob Kerkovich with his wife Anjali

Rob demonstrates no hesitation as a married person to demonstrate his worship for his spouse, Anjali Prasertong. For seven years, the performer has been married to his loving spouse. His spouse is an author of cuisine and an ex-personal assistant. Anjali quit her work as a private cook at California State University Northridge in an effort to start a master's program in nutrition.

When it goes to his spouse, Rob is a lover; he often posts photos on his social media pages with Anjali.

Facts of Rob Kerkovich

  • Component of the college's Commedus Interruptus comedy group. In 2004, the comic group Summer of Tears was co-founded with Todd Waldman.
  • Won the United States Comedy Art Festival's 2007 Summer of Tears jury award for finest sketch comedy. Was an author for Happy Endings from ABC.

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