Princess Charlotte of Wales, Royal Berkshire Regiment, Childhood, Marriage, Death

December 30, 2017Princess Charlotte of Wales, Royal Berkshire Regiment, Childhood, Marriage, Death

Who is Princess Charlotte of Wales?

In the British history, Princess Charlotte of Wales couldn't become the queen of England, and the only reason behind is she dies following the childbirth at her early age of 21.

Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales, the only child of the British King George IV was born on 7 January 1796 in Carlton House, London, England. The Prince of Wales left most of Charlotte's care to govern his tribe, who eventually left the country. She had an estimated net worth of more than $ 1 billion. But there is still no any evidence for it.

Royal Berkshire Regiment

The Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) was a line infantry battalion of the British Military. The Berkshire Regiment was shaped as part of the improvements supported out by Edward Cardwell and Hugh Childers, in the late nineteenth century. The troop, in mutual with the rest of the British Military, saw a huge development during the First World War and many service battalions, for war facility only, were shaped from helpers for Kitchener's New Armies.

Princess Charlotte's Childhood

Charlotte was a healthy child. As Charlotte grew, her parents continued to clash and to use the fledgling girl as a hostage in their battle, with both parents tempting to the King and Queen to take their side. In August 1797, Caroline left Carlton House, founding herself in a rented home near Black heath and leaving her daughter behind—English law at the time considered the father's rights to minor children supreme.

Marriage of Charlotte

Charlotte's marriage ceremony with Leopold was set for 2 May 1816. The only disaster was during the service when Charlotte was heard to laugh when the penurious Leopold promised to endow her with all his worldly goods. Two days after the wedding, they were visited by the Prince Regent. He spent two hours relating the details of military uniforms to Leopold. Prince Leopold and his partner returned to London for the social period, and when they appeared in the theatre, they were unvaryingly treated to wild ovation from the audience and the singing of "God Save the King" from the business.

Princess Charlotte's Baby

On November, Charlotte finally gave birth to a stillborn boy. Efforts to save him were in vain, and the noble spectators confirmed that it was a handsome boy, like the Royal Family. They were certain that the mother was doing well, and took their leave. Tired Charlotte heard the news calmly, stating it was the will of God. She took some nourishment after the incident.

Death of Princess Charlotte

The Princess was buried, her son at her feet, in St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, on 19 November 1817. A memorial was founded, by public contribution, at her grave. It was not long before the public began to guilt for the tragedy. The Queen and the Prince Regent were responsible for not being present at the birth, however, Charlotte had demanded that they stay away. Although the examination was questionable, many blamed Croft for his care of the Princess. The Prince Regent declined to blame Croft. Yet, three months after Charlotte's death and while attending another young woman, Croft rushed up a gun and hopelessly shot himself.


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