Pokimane Thicc, Without makeup, Boyfriend, Body, Net worth, Childhood, Facts

January 31, 2019Pokimane Thicc, Without makeup, Boyfriend, Body, Net worth, Childhood, Facts

Who is Pokimane Thicc?

Pokimane is a popular streamer and internet celebrity for video games. She first came to prominence when she started streaming video game related content on Twitch. With over a million followers, she continues to stream her videos on Twitch. She has three YouTube channels.

In the Early life of Pokimane Thicc

Pokimane was born Imane on 14 May 1996 in Morocco, North Africa, under the birth sign Taurus, which defines her personality as sensual, practical and ambitious. When she was very young, her family moved to Toronto, Canada and She holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from McMaster University.

In the Career of Pokimane Thicc

 Pokimane Thicc in her Youtube Channel

Fig: Pokimane Thicc in her Youtube Channel

Pokimane is a popular YouTuber, and she certainly knows how to entertain her followers. Whether as a comic, a storyteller or a game commentator, she never fails to impress her audiences. She created a YouTube account On 22nd March 2014 where she started streaming her gaming videos and She started posting similar contents by opening a Twitch Account. Pokimane also uploads funny videos in addition to her gameplay videos, telling jokes and unboxing geek subscription services.

In addition, it has been three years since Pokimane started playing and is currently in the diamond S6 division. She has an advanced ASUS gaming desktop with a 7th generation i5 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, one of the highest gaming desktops out there. Pokimane also played other games such as Grand Theft Auto, World of Warcraft, and Unreal Tournaments. In addition, she also runs her own merchandise line and also has an ASMR channel. She makes sure she posts about 34 videos a week. On 15 March 2015, she posted a video entitled Stream Highlight with Corobizar and ImSoFresh, which is her most popular video to date.

How much is the net worth of Pokimane Thicc?

 Pokimane Thicc YouTuber

Fig: Pokimane Thicc YouTuber

The young and sensational social media celebrity Pokimane's net value is still under review. As of 2018, she has more than 1.9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, and her videos receive millions of views on average. From the sources, she earns an average of $43.6K -$697K annually from her channel and lives a lavish life.

In the Personal life(boyfriend) of Pokimane Thicc

Glamours Pokimane Thicc

Fig: Glamours Pokimane Thicc

Pokimane has not disclosed any information about her boyfriend, affair, and dating history. She prefers to keep her love life low. She posts several pictures on her social media with both her male and female friends but never gave a hint about her love life. With the limited amount of information she has shared about her love life, it can be assumed that she is possibly single.

Facts of Pokimane Thicc

Pokemon is active on different social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. she also have good knowledge of different languages such as English, French and is influent in Moroccan Arabic, also known as Darija. Since he was a big fan of Nintendo games, Zelda and pokemon so she combined pokeman with her name Imane and there Pokimane was born. She loves Asian culture and wants to live in Japan sometime in the future. Paulina and Becky are her Best Friends and she also has a brother named Imane.


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