Musician Sebastian's Bio: Career, Early life, Career, Net worth, Personal life, Facts

July 23, 2018Musician Sebastian's Bio: Career, Early life, Career, Net worth, Personal life, Facts

Who is Sebastian?

Knud Torben Christensen is a Danish singer, musician, and composer. He is known as Sebastian in the field of music. He was born on 19 December 1949 in Sonderborg. He is the most beloved, popular and successful musician in Danish Music History.

How was the Early Life of Sebastian?

Sebastian started to play guitar in 1966 when he was 17 years of age in boarding school. He started writing his own songs from 1967. He used to write and sing English songs in the beginning but started to write and sing Danish songs after his English songs were not so popular. He chose his middle name from his mother’s surname.

How did he start his Career?

Sebastian was inspired by the Scottish singer and songwriter Donovan. He recorded a few English language solos in 1970 and the LP The Goddess (1971). However, people didn’t spend money to buy the songs in the English language so Sebastian started to write songs in the Danish language around. Being inspired by Bob Dylan he released his first song "The Losing Site Bleeding" which appeared in a maxi single in the same year. In 1972, his first Danish-language album “The Big Escape” was one of the most successful and best-selling Danish records from the 70’s with songs like “When the lights break out” and “If you think you’re something”. For next 15-20 years, he was established as one of the most important songwriters in Danish rock with a folk-inspired personal sound. Sebastian has mostly worked as a music composer since the late 80’s. His musicals like Skatteoen, Ronja Roverdatter, and Pippi has achieved great success, especially in the younger audience. He wrote and sang the title song for the TV series “Nana” in 1988. He has also composed music for the 1992 Gongehovdingen TV series together with Svend Skipper. A portrait film about Sebastian called “You Are Not Alone” was produced by The Norwegian man Jan Christian Mollestad in 2013.

In 2015, he participated in the Top of the Pop which caused to raise his popularity again. He had become popular especially among the young crowd. His album with the songs from Ronja Roverdatter received a Grammy award for Danish Grammy for “The Danish Children’s Release of the Year” in 1992. Sabestian also received “IFPI Honorary Award” for the Danish Music Awards in 2004. In 2008, he received the Pioneer Prize for “The steppe Floor of the Year”. His album 'The Moment of Contemporary Music' received the award for “The Danish Voxpop Publication” for the Danish Music Awards in 2012.

What can be the Net worth of Sebastian?

Sebastian net worth has grown high significantly in 2018 according to various sources but however, numbers vary depending on the source. In Bornholm, he invested $1.75 million in a house of almost 300 square meters.

Who is in the Personal life of Sebastian?

Sebastian is in a relationship with Marina Aabo. He has a son Dennis and a daughter Sara from his previous relationships. He has been together with Mariana Aabo for almost 16 years till today.

Facts about Sebastian

  • Sebastian is one of the most successful Danish singer, songwriter.
  • Sebastian has donated for many charities in India.
  • Before singing Danish songs, he used to write and sing English songs.

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