Moroccan Scott Cannon son of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's bio: Personal life and more

January 6, 2019Moroccan Scott Cannon son of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's bio: Personal life and more

Who is Moroccan Scott Cannon?

One of the most saddening events for a child is the divorce of his parents, but the Moroccan celebrity child Cannon was fortunate enough to have his separate parents in such friendly terms that people could feel they were still married. The Californian native is known worldwide as the son of one of the world's most famous singing and singing artists, Mariah Carey, and Nick Cannon, her second husband actor and rapper. The Moroccan first name comes from his mother's room decoration style in which his parents were engaged.

How is the Early life of Moroccan Scott Cannon?

On 30 April 2011, in Los Angeles, California, Moroccan Scott Cannon was born to the world - famous vocal artist mother, Mariah Carey, and actor/rapper father, Nick Cannon, along with his twin sister, Monroe Cannon. Moroccan maternal grandparents, Alfred Roy Carey, and Patricia Hickey are of mixed ethnicity, Irish, Venezuelan and African American origin, while their paternal grandparents, Beth Gardner, and James Cannon, are of African American origin.

How did Moroccan Scott Cannon's Parents meet? Also his personal life

During the shooting of her music video, Bye Bye, Mariah Carey met Nick Cannon, and only after six weeks of torrential romance did the couple get married at a hushed wedding in The Bahamas. At the height of their romance, the couple cited each other as mates of the soul and also had tattoos in each other's name: Nick had inked Mariah on his shoulder, while Mariah had inked Mrs. On her lower back, Cannon.

In 2011, when they gave birth to their first children, Moroccan and his twin sister Monroe, their love for each other were even more pronounced.

Why did Moroccan Scott Cannon's parent's divorce?

As romantic as the beginning of their relationship was, the end was equally faint, without any drama, and it happened so suddenly that nobody could even see why they separated. After six years, Mariah and Nick announced that they had been separated from the blue. Moreover, the separation was friendly, without the fierce battle for food or child custody. After the divorce, the status of 'still friends' irritated people more. If together they were happy, why separate.

Even after the divorce, the couple often meets to spend time with Moroccan and his sister on holidays, birthdays for children and even on holidays in order to have family time. When Nick's third child, Golden Cannon, was born in 2017 together with his then-friend, Brittany Bell, he took Moroccan, his sister, and Mariah Carey to meet the newest family addition. Moroccan and Monroe, his sister, are very fortunate to have parents of this understanding.

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