Mike Halstead wiki: what is he doing now?

December 26, 2017Mike Halstead wiki: what is he doing now?

Mike Halstead wiki: what is he doing now?

Pastor Mike Halstead is a gold miner and reality television star whose episodes aired on Discovery Channel. Mike Halstead has had a lifelong fascination with the original Klondike Gold Rush. He loves the venture and the idea that you can strike it rich through hard work and the sweat of your summit. He says he'd rather risk it all for a big payout than getting paid by the hour. He used to travel to Mexico every year to build churches and homes for the poor. It was there when he first met Jack Hoffman, Todd Hoffman’s father who’s been Gold Mining for over 25 years.

What is Mike Halstead doing now?

Mike Halstead has an experience of running church for the last sixteen years. Mike is currently building his own church which will have a capability of over a thousand people. He is also building its own athletic center, a food bank for the local community and maybe even its own gun range.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is a reality television series that airs on Discovery which mainly focuses on the mining of gold placer deposits found in the Yukon Territory, Canada. The TV series has altogether eight seasons aired till date.

In season two Mike joins Todd Hoffman. Todd Hoffman crew faces a vast loss in episode 1. However, he promises to find 500 ounces of gold. He begins draining 60 feet of water. Both his 270 and 400 excavator starts running but the thumb on the excavators stops working and they require James Harness to completely rewire it. Todd heads toward Big Nugget to talk to John Schnabel.

Mike has also worked in the episode “The Whole Truth” of gold rush season 5. The episode includes Dogs, spying, guns, alcohol, friendship, talking to another team, etc. Todd was broken and thinks of quitting gold mining. He went to help Mike building his church were Mike suggests Todd not to quit mining and start mining in the Klondike. The other side Parker Schnabel fire his crew more than hiring them.

According to Fox News, in May 2010, a bear was killed during the show's production. The troubles started when the bear put its nose in some untended graham crackers, and there's no more terrible crime in the world than a bear sniffing at a man's crunchy sweets. Shortly thereafter, with a gun, miner Mike Halstead tracked the beardown and shot it dead.

Personal Life

Mike Halstead married Jeanette for over 26 years. The couple has two daughters and a granddaughter.


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