Michael Jordan bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

May 25, 2019Michael Jordan bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

Who is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan has won millions of fans ' hearts with his famous dunk shot, popularly
known as "His Airness" or "Air Jordan." The basketball legend, from the time he was at
school, showed a knack for the game.

In the Early Life of Michael Jordan

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on 17 February 1963 in Brooklyn, New York, to James
and Deloris. James worked in the industry of electrical and heavy equipment, while
Deloris was a banker. Larry, James R. Jr., Roslyn, and Deloris, four other children, later
settled in Wilmington, North Carolina. Michael went to' Emsley A' from Wilmington.
Laney High School, where he developed a love of sports such as basketball, baseball,
and soccer. As a child, his parents taught him to be hard-working and self-employed.
He wanted to join the sophomore basketball team at school but was dismissed as being
too short. He joined the school's junior basketball team instead of being depressed. He
was very well playing and worked hard to raise his height. He was the best of all the
high school basketball teams for the "McDonald's All-American team." The boy played
for college teams such as North Carolina,' Virginia',' Duke' and' Syracuse' as a school
senior. Finally, in 1981 he received a bursary, based on his basketball performance,
from the University of North Carolina. He studied cultural geography at university.
He was trained by the famous basketball coach Dean Smith at the university, and the
Atlantic Coast Conference called Jordan ' Freshman of the Year. ' His jump shot was a
major factor in the team that won the ' NCAA Championship ' against ' Georgetown
University ' in 1982.

In the Career of Michael Jordan

 Michael Jordan as NFL player

Faig: Michael Jordan as NFL player

He dropped out of college in 1984 in order to join the' NBA Draft.' However, the young
athlete was selected by the' Chicago Bulls ' team after the' Houston Rockets' and'
Portland Trail Blazers ' selected players Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie
respectively. In the 'Summer Olympics' held in 1984, he was part of a gold medal-
winning team that included players like Sam Perkins, Steve Alford, and Patrick Ewing.
Michael came back to college and graduated from the 'University of North Carolina' two
years later. During 1984-87, as a part of 'Chicago Bulls', a team that didn't have much
luck with victory, Jordan proved his mettle with an above-average ppg of 28.2.

From 1987-90,' Chicago Bulls new star led his team in the first season through the first
round of' NBA Playoffs' and in the next two, till the finals. They defeated teams like
'Cleveland Cavaliers', 'New York Knicks', 'Milwaukee Bucks', and 'Philadelphia 76ers',
but in each season, ‘Detroit Pistons’ led by Isiah Thomas, beat the 'Bulls' out of the
game. Jordan helped the' Bulls ' sail through the playoffs in the next season of 1990-91
and reached the finals of the' Eastern Conference.' His team once again faced' Detroit
Pistons,' but this time it was the victorious' Chicago Bulls.' The winners played the 'NBA’
finals against the ‘Los Angeles Lakers’, bagging their first victory in the history of the
game. The next two seasons the 'Chicago Bulls' defeated 'Blazers', and 'Phoenix Suns',
winning three consecutive championships.

On January 13, 1999, Jordan retired from the game again, but the following year he
returned as Team ' Washington Wizards ' President of Basketball Operations. The
athlete decided to start playing again in 2001 and thoroughly trained to get in shape. He
also appointed his old "Chicago Bulls" coach, Doug Collins, to train his "Washington
Wizards" team. On September 25, the same year, he announced that he would be
playing basketball for the' Washington Wizards,' declaring that he would contribute his
entire salary to the 9/11 attack victims. However, he was unable to play too many
games in the 2001-02 season due to a severe knee injury. He played his final' NBA All-
Star' match against' Philadelphia 76ers' in 2003, beating the record of scoring the most
points by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. However, the' Washington Wizards' lost after several
deliberate fouls against Michael. However, a standing ovation was given to the
celebrated player that lasted for three minutes.

Post-retirement, the athlete with the' Washington Wizards' was removed from his
presidential post. In 2004, he founded his own motorcycle racing team, 'Michael Jordan
Motorsports'. Two years later, he became part-owner of the NBA team, 'Charlotte
Bobcats', holding a majority stake in its operations.

How much is the net worth of Michael Jordan?

 Michael Jordan's House

Fig: Michael Jordan's House

The net worth of Michael Jordan is $ 1.65 billion. Also, he had lots of cars, mansion at different places, land and other assets.

In the Personal Life of Michael Jordan

 Michael Jordan with his wife Juanita Vanoy

Fig: Michael Jordan with his wife Juanita Vanoy

Jordan married Juanita Vanoy in 1989, but after seventeen years of marriage, they
separated. Juanita received $168 million from her former husband as a settlement. The
couple has two sons who are both basketball players, Jeffrey and Marcus. On April 27,
2013, the basketball player got married to model Yvette Prieto, who he had been dating
for quite some time, at the 'Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church'. The following year
the couple had twin daughters, Victoria and Ysabel. This athlete is so popular that
several big brands have signed him on as their ambassador. He supported top brands
such as' McDonald's,'' Wheaties,'' Chevrolet,'' Nike,'' Hanes,'' Coca-Cola,' and'
Gatorade.' The celebrated sportsman has donated money in Chicago to charities such
as' Hales Franciscan High School' and' Habitat for Humanity,' Georgia.

Facts of Michael Jordan

  • This talented athlete received several NBA awards during 1984-88, including'
    The Year's Rookie,' The Year's Defensive Player,'' Slam Dunk Contest
    Champion.' He was also several times called the' NBA Champion.'
  • In 1984, as a member of the winning team in the 'Summer Olympics', he won the
    gold medal.
  • 'Sports Illustrated' magazine named him the 'Sportsman of the Year' in 1991. The
    following year, he won another gold medal for his team's victory at the 'Summer
  • Several magazines, including ' SLAM ' and ' ESPN Sports, ' ranked him as one of
    the greatest sports personalities. ' Naismith Memorial ' and ' North Carolina
    Museum of History ' also included him in the ' Hall of Fame. '

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