Michael Bloomberg bio, Career, Net worth, 2020, Personal life, Childhood, Facts

March 29, 2019Michael Bloomberg bio, Career, Net worth, 2020, Personal life, Childhood, Facts


Who is Michael Bloomberg?

Michael Bloomberg, in full Michael Rubens Bloomberg, is an American businessman and politician who founded a financial data service firm and served as New York City's mayor.

In the Early life and Childhood of Michael Bloomberg

On the 14th of February 1942, Michael Rubens was born at the St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton Boston. He was born into a Jewish Family in a house of Charlotte Rubens(His Mother) and William Henry(His Father), works as an accountant for a dairy company. When Michael was two years old, he and his family lived in Allston, Massachusetts after which they moved to Brookline, Massachusetts and after two years his family settled in Medford, Boston, where Michael lived until he became a college graduate.

Talkin about his education, he had his college education at the Johns Hopkins University and while in school, he was quite an asset to them as he constructed the mascot, ‘’Blue Jay’’ for the school in 1962 when he was a sophomore and then he graduated with a Bachelor of science degree in Electrical engineering in 1964. Interestingly he was a member of Phi Kappa Psi. Because of his love for education and determination to get the knowledge that will aid him in achieving his goals, he decided to get his masters, which he did in 1966 when he graduated from Harvard Business School.

In the Career of Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg as Bloomberg CEO

Fig: Michael Bloomberg as Bloomberg CEO

He got his $10 million after starting off by a partnership with Solomon Brothers investment Bank which was later sold to Phibro corporation. In 1987, he opened Innovative market systems and later after partnering with Merrill Lynch the company was renamed Bloomberg L.P. This company deals with different products such as Bloomberg terminal, mass media, Computer software, financial services. Until 2015 Bloomberg became the CEO of the company where he left to pursue his political ambitions.

In 2001 Bloomberg became the mayor of Newyork under a Republican Ticket until 2005 when there was another election where he was re-elected a mayor. His third-time bid really generated a lot of controversies since a mayor was just allowed to terms in office but the city council voted 29-22 in favor of his extension. He ran for the third times and in 2014 De Blasio became New York City Mayor replacing him.

In 2008 Michael Bloomberg was widely speculated that he would run for the highest office in the land that’s the president sit but he didn’t. Other seats where rumors have emerged that Bloomberg might be involved in our New York Governor, 2016 elections there were rumors that he was considering a presidential run under an independent umbrella although he didn’t.In 2016 elections Bloomberg endorsed Hilary Clinton as the Democrat candidate.

How much is Michael Bloomberg net worth?

 Michael Bloomberg during charity

Fig: Michael Bloomberg during charity

The seventh richest person in the U.S Michael Bloomberg has a net worth of $45 billion as of 2019 and also makes an appearance in the top 10 richest people in the world. The source of Michael Bloomberg net worth is his political career where he serves as a Mayor for almost 12 years and there is also some other sources of Michael income, his values under his Umbrella company Bloomberg L.P which deals on software tools, Bloomberg Terminal, Bloomberg News, WBBR Radio station, Digital websites, and magazines. It’s reported that the company has annual revenue of more than $10 billion.

In the Personal life of Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg with his wife

Fig: Michael Bloomberg with his wife

From 1975 to 1993, Bloomberg was married to Susan Brown. Even though they decided to divorce, the couple is still close friends and have two daughters, Georgina and Emma. Bloomberg has been in a relationship with former New York banking superintendent Diana Taylor since 2000. Hewegh they are also a licensed commercial pilot and resides in Bermuda.

Facts about Michael Bloomberg

  • He used to celebrate valentines day because that’s when he was born it's his birthday.
  • He used to work in the parking lot when he was in college so that he could pay his rent.
  • His salary as a mayor was $1 only a year.
  • He was Knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

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