Melody Tallis wiki: gold rush, hobbies, personal life

December 27, 2017Melody Tallis wiki: gold rush, hobbies, personal life

Who is Melody Tallis?

Melody is an experienced miner who has been working claims across Alaska. In early life, Melody started to detect metal in 1990 along with her husband Arthur Tallis.  She was an addict of the show “Gold Rush”. She always wanted to present herself as a gold miner on the same show and to prove to the world that even women can play a large role in what is considered a man's world. She started mining gold for a prospecting club in Arizona.

In an interview with Melody, she stated that “I am living the dream. I would like to share it with those women who need a nudge to pursue their ambitions." Moreover, Melody has a dream to own line of women's mining accessories, to let other women know about the real mining world.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is a reality television series that airs on Discovery which mainly focuses on the mining of gold placer deposits found in the Yukon Territory, Canada by various teams of miners. The show tracks gold mining efforts of different family-run mining companies mostly in the Klondike region of Yukon, Canada. The prospecting efforts of Todd Hoffman's 316 Mining Company have reached across both North and South America. The TV series has altogether eight seasons and 127 episodes aired till date. The show started airing in the United States on December 3, 2010.

It was in 2008 when Melody met Minnesota miner Elmer Dahl while on vacation. He is about to conduct gold mining in Alaska and he invited Melody to join his team at the claim the following summer. Her journey to gold mining begun to roll. Since then, she has been working Alaska claims.

Melody was a member of Dakota Boys crew at Jim Nail Placer Mine on Porcupine Creek beginning on season 3. Later, she left the show after the end of the season, along with the Dakota Fred and Dustin Hurt. Although in season 5, she can be found working with loaders and monitors in the background of shots covering Tony Beets, and also worked with Freddy Dodge at Carmacks.

Personal Life

Melody is married to Arthur Tallis. In her spare time, Melody plays several instruments - the flute, guitar, piano, saxophone, and piccolo. She also enjoys woodworking, sewing, and fishing but her favorite hobby is gold mining.

Once while holidaying at the Ganes Mining Camp, Melody found a nugget weighing 11.6 oz. It was the largest nugget found by any women there.

There was also a rumor that Jerry and Melody were dating. In response to that, Jerry said, “The best thing that came out of the dredge was meeting Melody.”

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