Meet Jake Anderson of Deadliest Catch and know his net worth, father, income, and personal life

December 26, 2017Meet Jake Anderson of Deadliest Catch and know his net worth, father, income, and personal life

Who is Jake Anderson?

Jake Anderson is an American deck boss of the fishing vessel. He has been featured on the Discovery Channel documentary TV series Deadliest Catch since 2007.

Anderson was born on 16th of November in the year of 1980 making his current age 37. He took birth as Jakob Venn Martin Anderson in Anacortes, Washington, United State. His father is Keith Anderson and her mother is Jenna Anderson. He has a sister in the name of a sibling; Chelsea Dawn Anderson. Jake spent her childhood Anacortes with his sister. From a young age, Jake showed a keen interest in fishing.

Latest activity

On August 08, Tuesday night’s episode of Discovery Channel show Deadliest Catch Jake got badly injured.  The captain Jake Anderson and his team suffered from a devastating engine fire. He discovered the ship’s clutch has burned out and it could have affected hydraulics system and erupted into an explosion and killed them all.

Career and net worth of Jake

In 2007, Jake started working as a greenhorn in the fishing vessel called Northwestern under the captain, Sig Hansen. Sig Hansen was a real star of the show, Deadliest Catch. Jake has endured personal tragedy on this show including being notified his own sister Chelsea Dawn Anderson had unexpectedly died during the season 5 episode of a reality show Bitter Tears. And later during filming the season 6 episode of the show Blown Off Course he faced the truth that his father, Keith Anderson was missing and presumed dead after his truck was abandoned in rural Washington. In 2012, a hiker found Jake’s father remaining skeleton about a mile away abandoned from his truck was abandoned.

In 2012, Jake became the deck boss of the Northwestern. Then later he obtained his USCG Mate 1600-ton license and Master 100-ton Captain’s license. In addition, Jake has released his autobiography called Relapse on April 14, 2014, and became a best-seller after its sales. Jake has been able to amass a lot of name and fame. As a result of his successful career, he is earning a quite good amount of salary and has accumulated a large net worth. His net worth is estimated to be around 2 million as of 2017.

Personal life

Jake Anderson is a happily married man. His wife Jenna Anderson is an avid skateboarder and is sponsored by the American footwear and clothing company DVS Shoes. The couple is got married on 12 May 2012 and blessed with a baby boy named Aiden Benn Anderson. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington with his beloved wife and a son. 




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