Lorrie Morgan bio, Career, Early life, Net worth, Personal life, Facts

February 15, 2019Lorrie Morgan bio, Career, Early life, Net worth, Personal life, Facts

Who is Lorrie Morgan?

Lorrie Morgan is a country music singer from the USA. She is famous as George Morgan's daughter, a country music singer who gave several hit singles between 1949 and 1975. She also won the Hot Shot Debut Award for her album Reflections: Greatest Hits (1995) for the country album charts ' fifth-place debut.

In the Early life of Lorrie Morgan

Lorrie Morgan during start of her career

Fig: Lorrie Morgan during the start of her career

Lorrie was born on 27 June 1959 to parents George Morgan and Anastasia Paridon in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Marty Morgan, Bethany Chamberlain, and Candy Morgan are three siblings. She belongs to American and English nationalities. Her sign of birth is cancer. While no information about her education and academic achievements is available.

In the Career of Lorrie Morgan

 Lorrie Morgan as a country singer

Fig: Lorrie Morgan as a country singer

She began singing and performing with her father in her hometown, Nashville, when one’s talked about her profession in 1972. She also performed famous songs, added her own renditions and became popular with the local audience. She also began writing her own songs and even paired with the band "Little Roy Wiggins," led by steel guitarist Little Roy Wiggins in 1977.

She also worked as a part-time receptionist and singer at "Acuff-Rose Music" an American music publishing company. She was also called as a rising vocalist to sing on TV shows in Nashville, in particular by Ralph Emery, a host of the morning TV show, and her late father's close friend George Morgan.

In addition, she began singing in nightclubs and performed live openers for other famous American and Canadian country singers and bands such as Jack Greene,' Billy Thunderkloud and the Chieftones' and others. She also performed for a couple of years in Nashville, Tennessee, for the amusement park Opryland USA as part of the bluegrass show.

How much is Lorrie Morgan net worth?

As of 2019, Lorrie Morgan has an estimated net value of $6 million. Morgan gave three successive albums between 1990 and 1994, each of which sold a million copies. She's recorded more than $25 million in earnings to date. She also had a four-bedroom, 7,372-square-foot home in Lebanon, TN, listed for $1.2 million in 2015 on the market.

In the Personal life of Lorrie Morgan

 Lorrie Morgan with Randy White

Fig: Lorrie Morgan with Randy White

She married six times when we talked about her relationship (Ron Gaddis, Keith Whitley, Brad Thompson, Jon Randall, Sammy Kershaw, Randy White). She married Ron Gaddis in 1979, but the next year the couple divided ways. Daughter Morgan Anastasia Gaddis, she had one child with him. Then, on November 22, 1986, she married Keith Whitley, the marriage ended in 1989 with Keith Whitley's death due to alcohol poisoning. Jesse Keith Whitley, who is also a musician, had one child.

In addition, on 27 October 1991, she married Brad Thompson, but the marriage ended with a divorce in 1993. On November 16, 1996, she tied the knot to country music singer, songwriter and musician Jon Randall for the fourth time, but the couple divorced in 1999.

On September 29, 2001, she married Sammy Kershaw, a country singer, and a politician. Due to personal problems, the couple divorced on 23 October 2007. She married Randy White, a businessman from Tennessee, on September 15, 2010, and the couple remained married until now.

Facts about Lorrie Morgan

The nickname of Lorrie Morgan is "Fussy." She's the country singer George Morgan's daughter. She performed at Grand Ole Opry when she was thirteen. She toured around Nashville and at the time opened for many popular acts.

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