Linus Sebastian Bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

May 25, 2019Linus Sebastian Bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

Who is Linus Sebastian?

Linus Sebastian is a YouTube personality, host, producer and Linus Media Group founder best recognized for creating and managing three extremely effective Youtube shows related to tech in 2015.

In the Early life of Linus Sebastian

Linus Gabriel Sebastian was born in Vancouver (British Columbia's southern seaport town) on August 20, 1986. He has six brothers and sisters as well as a half-sister. His works on some Youtube channels, including Channel Super Fun, Linus Tech Tips, and Tech quickie, are popular with him. His creation of these channels has a total subscriber base of over 8 million. Between 2007 and 2015, Linus served for the Canadian software dealer NCIX as a regular presenter of technology films. As a child, technology had always intrigued Linus. He registered at the University of British Columbia after graduating from Garibaldi Secondary School. A few years ago, however, he fell out because he spent most of his moment "tinkering with his laptop, sitting out on hardware blogs, and practicing video matches."

In the Career of Linus Sebastian

 Linus Sebastian as a YouTuber

Fig: Linus Sebastian as a YouTuber

When he received a part-time work working for NCIX on weekends, he was still a pupil. He was subsequently employed in the marketing office as a full-time worker. He rapidly grew within a few months in the business to become the top vendor of the business in terms of high-end gaming devices. Having noted this advancement, the business chairman quickly provided him a fresh place at the head office where he was responsible for handling the system settings on the website of the business. Indeed, Sebastian was a tough employee as he helped NCIX become the number 1 vendor in Canada's water cooling components. This gave him the chance to manage key company parts such as SSDs, RAM, motherboards, and networking. A few years ago, Sebastian was appointed to the role of a category supervisor due to his remarkable results.

By 2007, he was invited by NCIX to become the subject of their Channel technology. Basically, this channel was developed to show item deals to maintain up with the company's competitors like "Newegg" and "TigerDirect." Linus published his first clip on July 24 of the same year. This was performed with the help of an author and an unidentified cameraman after the company's president's kid loaned a camera. The original reaction to the clip was quite discouraging, but Sebastian established another website called "LinusTechTips" on November 24, 2008. This was achieved to preserve a small price of creating a video while dissociating it from the business so as not to be seen as producing sub-standard content.

In early 2012, with the assistance of Luke Lafreniere (aka SlickPC) whom he encountered while collaborating in NCIX, Sebastian developed another website called "Techquickie." The channel's goal was to provide data in a few minutes about the recent cool technology. However, Sebastian and Luke left the business to begin another business in January 2013. Brandon Lee and Edzel Yago entered them together with whom they established out of a garage "Linus Media Group." A fresh channel was established in May 2014 called "Channel Super Fun."

Sebastian and his colleague Lafreniere used "Twitch" to broadcast the series, which is usually based on the recent technology news and Q&A conversations. By June 2017, the series had broadcast 184 episodes in total. Sabastine and his business have collaborated on a few other initiatives. "Whole Room Water Cooling" (2014-2015), "Scrapyard Wars" (2015-Present), "7 Gamers 1 CPU" (2015-2016), and "8/10 Gamers, 1 CPU" (2016) are some of the noteworthy ones. Sebastian's job ethic was placed in a nutshell with his own phrases when interviewed by "," "Execution is all. It's useless to sit around and plan unless it transforms into something concrete. You are better off executing a 50 percent strategy at 100 percent than executing a 100 percent strategy at 50 percent. Nothing makes me crazier than sitting around pontifying about "the ideal manner to do something" when we're in a hurry, which is always when you want to do something.

How much is the net worth of Linus Sebastian?

Linus Sebastian lifestyle

Fig: Linus Sebastian lifestyle

Over the years, Linus has certainly performed himself well. From his days working with NCIX to hosting tech vlogs on Youtube, to establishing his own business; his fortune is fairly much at $2.1 million.

In the Personal Life of Linus Sebastian

 Linus Sebastian with his wife Yvonne Ho

Fig: Linus Sebastian with his wife Yvonne Ho

Linus Sebastian is a guy who is happily married. He linked the knot in an indoor celebration at the end of April 2011 with the love of his career "Yvonne Ho." Yvonne is presently working as the CFO of the "Linus Media Group" business of her husband. Three lovely kids, one boy, and two sisters are honored as a pair. They also own Rumble and Rocket, two Bengal dogs.

Fats of Linus Sebastian

  • In 2015, Linus Sebastian was listed 4th in the "Top 30 Power Players in Tech" list.
  • Linus Tech Tips ranked 7th on YouTube as the most viewed channel of technology.
  • In 2014, Tubefilter listed Linus Tech Tips as part of the technology category's "top 1 percent of Google's favorite publicity sites."
  • Although Sebastian has been downloaded several times in the past, what occurred in 2011 was one of the most destructive he's ever encountered as a hacker recognized only as 'XxxV1rOj4NxxX' took over' LinusTechTips' and resorted to blackmail him.

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