Know Todd Hoffman’s salary per episode from Gold Rush, Net worth, Announcement

December 26, 2017Know Todd Hoffman’s salary per episode from Gold Rush, Net worth, Announcement

Who is Todd Hoffman?

Todd Hoffman is an American businessman, reality star and a gold miner who was born on 12th April 1969 in Germany. He has maintained privacy to most of his childhood memories.

The career of Todd Hoffman

Before entering the gold industry he was in the aviation business based in Sandy, Oregon. But in 2008 as the entire economy had suffered from the financial crisis where his business was also a victim of it. Then he decided to begin gold mining as the regular rise of gold prices in the stock market was increasing. With the sole inspiration from his gold mining father Jack Hoffman and little cash, he took the risky stem and headed to Alaska to become gold miner following his father’s gold mining.

Gold Rush

The gold rush is one of the highly rated television series which is aired on Discovery Channel. Todd gathered his six inexperienced friends together and created an energetic team for the Gold Rush. It is a pathway for the several gold miners to hunt for the gold. This show viewer exceeds more than 3 million per episode during its peak time. The Gold Rush season 8 was premiered on October 13, 2017, and since then it is being aired on the regular basis.

Todd's Heartbreaking Announcement in Gold Rush LIVE

The net worth of Todd Hoffman

Todd is best known as the creator of his own show “Gold Rush” which was presented in 2010 and aired on The Discovery Channel. After quitting his previous business in 2008 to 2010 he learned the skills and techniques from his gold miner father then he invested $1 million to buy gold mining accessories and started his own gold mining company. By the year 2012 he managed to make $3 million and by the year 2015, he banked $2 million of his net worth. Todd’s current estimated salary per episode is approximately $25,000 which sums his total of about $500,000 annually from the reality show only and his net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Todd Hoffman's Owns Airport

Todd owns an airfield in Sandy and this airport has been with him for several years. Gloomily, the air company business slowed down a great contract, particularly for small engine planes, which is the type of airplanes that took off and landed in Todd’s airfield. He left the business to mine for gold, though, his airfield still exists, and he is still the sole landlord of the airport.

Personal life of Todd Hoffman

It is a fact that he is a one women guy since he tied his wedding knot with Shawna Hoffman in 1997 which has been for over twenty years. The couple is blessed with two children elder son Hunter Hoffman and younger daughter Hudson. Hunter is also featured since the sixth season and seen accompanying in the quest to find gold. 

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