Kevin Hiatt wiki: Gold Rush, Personal life

December 27, 2017Kevin Hiatt wiki: Gold Rush, Personal life

Who is Kevin Hiatt?

Kevin, a struggling dad, and a lineman bowed to Jesus and not until then, his life started to change for the better. Kevin was hoping to get a proper job to care for his family. And it was listened by God as Todd Hoffman reached out to Kevin and offered him a spot on his team, which he acknowledged. This was going to be a whole new involvement since he knew zero about gold mining. Before his gold mining career, he was struggling in his marriage.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is a reality television series that airs on Discovery which mainly focuses on the mining of gold placer deposits found in the Yukon Territory, Canada by various teams of miners. The show represents gold mining efforts of different family mining corporations mostly in the Klondike region of Yukon, Canada, although the prospecting efforts of Todd Hoffman's 316 Mining Company have ranged across both North and South America. The TV series has altogether eight seasons aired till date.

He joined the crew and the show in Season 3, mining in the Klondike. In season 3, he was at the beginning of his career. So, he was not quite popular as he is now. From, the day he was joined with Hoffman, he showed remarkable changes. The miner ability to grasp knowledge quickly made him successful in the forthcoming seasons.

Kevin's second season mining with the Hoffmans, season 4 of Gold Rush, was busted. He reimbursed home empty-handed from Guyana and was forced to take two jobs just to support his family. Kevin felt him like his mining days were behind him.

He was convinced that he would return to help McKinnon Creek in season 5. It turned out to be the right decision with McKinnon paying out more gold last season than ever before.

Tony Beets begins Season 8 with his Family members Minnie, Monica, Kevin and Mike respectively sitting on the kitchen bench. Tony lays out the complete season with his plan to double their gold mining action buying another 70-year-old traditional dredge.

Kevin’s Personal life

Kevin is married to Mindy Hiatt. Kevin's marriage is now sturdier than it has ever been before. His family to him is now number one priority in his life and this season, he's expecting to have another baby. He's trusting on Todd Hoffman to deliver the gold, so he can care for his family.

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