Josh Gates bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

May 23, 2019Josh Gates bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Net worth, Facts

Who is Josh Gates?

Josh Gates, best recognized for his explorations and adventures, is a television host with a voracious desire to see the earth and its beauty. He has recorded his journeys through his years as an explorer, exchanging it with spectators around the globe.

In the Early life of Josh Gates

Josh Gates was born in Manchester-by-the-Sea on August 10, 1977; a city discovered in Massachusetts' Essex County on Cape Ann. He attended Boston's Tufts University where he researched archeology and theater before relocating to Maryland University where he entered the archeological squad of the university. He participated in the team's excavations from 1996 to 1998.

In the career of Josh Gates

Josh Gates as Adventurer

Fig: Josh Gates as Adventurer

His dad, who was a deep-sea diver, fuelled his enthusiasm for travel. Seeing his father's places on his expeditions fuelled his love of travel; he couldn't stop trying to discover the world's huge angles. This love brought him to the edge of the hills from under the ocean. He's also a licensed diver from SCUBA. As he moved to distant towns in Nepal and Bangladesh, he has helped in archeological investigations off the shore of Israel. That's not all, Josh Gates has scaled elevated peaks such as Mt. Kilimanjaro–Africa's largest peak, and Aconcagua–America's tallest. This Josh featured on the first stage of the Beg, Borrow & Deal reality series where he had to go from one part of the United States to the other without managing any cash and with only the clothes on his back.

He also featured on other shows like Truly Famous, Facts or Faked sponsored by The Budweiser: Paranormal Files, and Ghost Hunters. However, Josh is best known for being the presenter and creator of his discovery show Expedition Unknown on Discovery Channel. As he discusses myths and myths, the film follows Josh Gates. From 2015 to 2017, it operated on the Travel Channel before moving to the Discovery Channel in 2018.

How much is the net worth of Josh Gates?

Josh Gates on journey

Fig: Josh Gates on journey

Josh Gates has an estimated $3 million net worth. As his list of credits for production and hosting dates back to 2008. It makes sense that the wealth of series would allow him to rake in that amount of wealth, and it doesn't harm that he loves the shows he's working on greatly.

In the Personal life of Josh Gates

Josh Gates with his wife Hallie Gnatovich

Fig: Josh Gates with his wife Hallie Gnatovich

Josh Gates married Hallie Gnatovich, his co-star Destination Truth, in 2014. Josh was the show's presenter and Hallie was a scientist working on it. She is presently working in L.A. as a psychiatrist. While filming for Expedition Unknown the unique 'Secrets of Christopher Columbus,' Hallie called Josh to let him know they were waiting for a child. Everything was registered, including the mental response of Josh to the excellent news. They greeted their child in February 2016, naming him Owen Gates. Josh Gates is the only kid, he accompanied his family every time they had to move for a job.

Facts of Josh Gates

  • He's got a book called Destination Truth: Memoirs of 2011 released Monster Hunter. The novel describes the different encounters he had on his global journeys with several hazardous animals.
  • Josh Gates has been scuba diving. His allergy to English ivy (Hedera helix) is rather uncommon. Rare because finding someone with an ivy allergy is very difficult. Before hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, he coached constantly with two colleagues, crediting the journey to help him create travel a much bigger aspect of his lives. The necklace and scarves he carries are devoted to Facebook websites, but no one understands who possesses them.

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