John Knicely bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Networth, Facts

February 15, 2019John Knicely bio, Career, Early life, Personal life, Networth, Facts

Who is John Knicely?

John Knicely during his 22-year career in TV journalism has seen many things. Working as a reporter, he received the Omaha Press Club's Journalism Alumni Excellence Award and "Face on the Barroom Floor." If journalism was not sufficiently prestigious, at one point in his life John Knicely also served as a teacher.

In the Early life of John Knicely

John Knicely was born in Sidney, Neb, on 7 December 1951. In places such as Dallas, Texas and Omaha Nebraska, he has lived. The anchor belongs to the ethnicity of the Caucasus and follows Christianity religion. There is much less information about his siblings and parents, although he sometimes posts pictures on social media with them.

John and his brother, Jim, are very grateful to share their parents’ companionship, who are over 90 years old. John appreciates the presence of his parents and loves them to the heart. Talking about his education, he graduated from the University of Nebraska in Journalism and Mass Communications.

In the Career of John Knicely

 John Knicely as a reporter

Fig: John Knicely as a reporter

John Knicely has been working for a long time with WOWT. In 1974, he joined WOWT as a sportscaster; he worked there for seven years before finally moving to a new position at ABC affiliate KTVI in 1981. John moved to KETV in May 1984 to spend more time with his family just after three years working at KTVI in St. Louis.

John finally realized what he wanted in 1992 after changing several broadcast channels. He returned to WOWT Channel 6 after his heart, at the height of his career. He decided to work as an anchor this time and hosted the newscasts 5, 6 and 10 pm.

In the Personal life of John Knicely

 John Knicely with his family

Fig: John Knicely with his family

John Knicely is one of the few people who has long treasured love. On September 6, 1977, he married his wife, Sue Knicely. After the marriage, the small family slowly grew big. John and his wife share with a set of twins a total of five kids. One of his sons, who share the same name with John, certainly followed the footsteps of John, as he is also a television journalist.

John and his wife Sue are grandparents of six grandchildren today, with the arrival of the sixth child on June 29, 2015. John is a family man who always provides thick and thin support to his family. When he worked at KTVI in St. Louis in the 1980s, he even moved back to Omaha to be closer to his family.

How much is the net worth of John Knicely?

John Knicely on tours

Fig: John Knicely on tours

The net value of John is estimated at over $850,000. For more than three decades of his active appearance in the WOWT6, he receives a heavy salary of more than $100 K per year. John believes his money should be used to help the needy, so he regularly donates a significant amount to the abused and destitute children.

Facts/News of John Knicely

John Knicely is terrible at his job. He can hardly string together a sentence without mispronouncing a word or creating uncomfortable silence on live TV. Knicely decided to make the shift from sports to news anchor after 17 years of reporting sports. This decision came with an offer from Omaha's WOWT Channel 6 to be its anchor for the nightly news.

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