Jeff Daniels bio: Career (Movies & TV shows), Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

September 24, 2018Jeff Daniels bio: Career (Movies & TV shows), Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

Jeffrey Warren Daniels is an American actor, musician as well as the playwright who had become widely renowned after being rewarded with an Emmy Award. Similarly, his career includes roles in films, stage production and television for which he has also received the nominations of Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and Tony Award.

How was the Early life of Jeff Daniels?

He was born as Jeffrey Warren Daniels on 19 February 1955, in Clarke Country, Georgia, US. After his birth, he spent only first six weeks of his life in Georgia where his father was a teacher. Then he moved to Chelsea, Michigan and grew up there. In Chelsea, his father was a onetime mayor and owned the Chelsea Lumber Company. For his education, he attended Central Michigan University where he used to participate in the School's theater program. After that, he went to Eastern Michigan University in the summer of 1976. There he participated in a special Bicentennial Repertory Program, where he performed in The Hot I Baltimore and three other plays in repertoire.

How did Jeff Daniels start his Career?

Jeff Daniels after receiving Emmy Award 2018

He made his first debut in 1981 by appearing in the critically acclaimed film called 'Ragtime'. From there, for the few years, he portrayed in such critical films. Then, he became widely famous and gained huge success and achievement from movies called 'The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)', and 'Something Wild (1986)'. For his first starring role in those films, he was nominated for Golden Globe Nomination which put him on the Hollywood map during the 1980s. The 1990s brought him more success as he started it with the horror comedy 'Arachnophobia (1990)'. Appearing in the few more films that flew under the radar like 'Love Hurts (1990)', 'Timescape (1992)', he returned full force with the epic TV miniseries 'Gettysburg (1993)'. His role in 'Gettysburg' won him huge accolades. In 1994's, he played a smash comedy hit film called 'Dumb and Dumber' where his move was career gold for him as the movie made $250 million worldwide. After that in 2002, he received Independent Career Achievement Award and Audience Award for his film 'Super Sucker'. Then he was awarded Gotham Award in 2005 for his role in the film 'The Squid and the Whale'. Later in 2014, he received Prime Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a drama series 'The Newsroom'. Recently in 2018, he was again awarded Prime Time Emmy Award Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series called 'Godless'.

Jeff Daniels performing in MI Fest

He has also released several music albums, whose proceeds go to funding his Purple Rose Theater. Similarly, he has also worked on the Broadway that includes plays such as 'The Golden Age (1984)', and 'God of Carnage (2009)'.

What can be the Net worth of Jeff Daniels?

At current (2018), his net worth is estimated to be approximately $45 million that he has earned through his acting, music and TV career. Talking about his salary then, he is paid $150 thousand per episode. He was the owner of a house which was located in Montecito, California whose worth was estimated to be $16 million but two years ago he sold it for $30 million. In today's context, he owns a house which is located in Chelsea, Michigan where he resides at present but its price is under review. Also, he is the owner of a red Lamborghini Diablo sports car.

Who is in the Personal life of Jeff Daniels?

While talking about his personal life then, in 1977, he met Kathleen Rosemary Treado with whom he fell in love at first sight. Then he proposed to her and married within 5 days after his proposal. The couple had three children together named Benjamin, Lucas, and Nellie. His children Benjamin was born in 1984, while Lucas was born in 1987, and Nellie was born in 1990 which seems that all the children have three years age difference.

Facts about Jeff Daniels

He is the owner of a nonprofit company called The Purple Rose Theater Company in Michigan which he founded in 1991. His company trains acting and writing and also holds performances.

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