Jack Hoffman wiki: how old, gold rush, net worth

December 31, 2017Jack Hoffman wiki: how old, gold rush, net worth

Jack Hoffman is a gold miner as well as a reality television star whose shows were aired on Discovery Channel. He has an estimated net worth of $250 thousand. He has earned his net worth as a gold miner for 25 years in Alaska. “The Inspiration” debut gold mining almost three decades prior yet couldn’t win noteworthy fortunes in those days. But on the seventh season, Jack and Todd Hoffman’s team extricated more than 1100 ounces of gold which clarifies their steady economy now.

As per wiki sources, this former militant gathers his net worth through his gold mines and also significantly from the salary that he obtains from the Discovery network which is yet to expose.


Hoffman controlled off on a mission of digging gold and support the economic position of his family in 1980s. In early 2010, his vision and aim are survived by his son Todd Huffman who formed a group of six friends and mines in the field of Alaska.

Jack is often dubbed as the inspiration as he inspired his son Todd to follow Jack’s passion for gold mining. He and his son got exposure to the outer world when they became the celebrated cast of Discovery’s TV series called “Gold Rush”. The Show premiered on 3rd December 2010 while its latest installment, i.e., the seventh season aired on 14th October 2016. Now, the business runs to the third generation as his grandson, Hunter joined the crew and also appeared in “Gold Rush” since the sixth season.

Personal Life

Jack Hoffman is married to Georgia who never keeps down her affection for him disregarding his initial disappointment. The couple has two children who are away from the publicity. His married life gave him a sign to other who encourages him and her child in the mission to discover gold. She investigates the fund and every one of the issues encompassing the group and expands the connection between the team individuals.

Jack moved to Alaska to experience his fantasy in gold mining. He commands his birthday in fifteenth September consistently and as of now ages 71.

Early Life

Jack was born and raised in Portland Oregon in 1947. He raised up in a hunting and fishing family. Jack also learned how to skin animals so his mom would create blankets to keep the family warm in the winter. When Jack was 18, he received a draft notice in the mail. He was registered in the Vietnam War. After six months of training, he was positioned in Germany.


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