Is Lauren Cohan married? Bio, Career(movies), Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

July 22, 2018Is Lauren Cohan married? Bio, Career(movies), Net worth, Personal life, Early life, Facts

Who is Lauren Cohan?

Cohan is one of the popular English-American actress especially reputed for her famous horror drama series 'The Vampire Diaries' (2009) and 'The Walking Dead' (2010). Along with it, she is also a famous model.

How was the Early Life of Lauren Cohan?


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Cohan was born on 7 January 1982 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey to an American father and an English mother. At the age of 5, Cohan was converted to Judaism as her mother remarried when Cohan was 7 and took her husband's surname, Cohan. She has 5 younger half-siblings. During age 13 she moved to England after spending her childhood in Cherry Hill and for 1 year in Georgia. She graduated in Drama and English Literature from University of Winchester/King Alfred's College.

How did Lauren Cohan start her Career?

<pAfter her graduation, she started spending her time working in films and several non-commercial projects between London and Los Angles. She wanted to be a psychologist in her childhood but during her graduation in Drama and English Literature, she focused on her majors as she co-founded a theater company at the University. When she moved to Los Angles she worked as a waitress in "The Cat and The Fiddle" (restaurant and pub). She started her career in the film industry from 2005 by playing a role in a movie named "The Quiet Assassin". Before becoming an actress she was a model. After her 1st movie she played the lead role in many movies like 'Super Natural' (2005), 'Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj' (2006), 'Chuck' (2007), 'Float' (2008), 'Death Race 2' (2010), 'The Boy' (2016), etc. She also played the role of 'Martha Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' (2016). She also worked on TV shows such as
'Modern Family' (2009), 'CSI:NY' (2004), 'Cold Case' (2003), 'Life' (2007) (2009), and 'The Bold and The Beautiful' (1987) (2007). In 2014 she ranked top 51 on maximum 'hot 100' list. Along with all these, she had played many minor roles in other series and TV programs.

What is the Net Worth of Lauren Cohan?


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Though Lauren salary has not been revealed in public, it has estimated that she earned $4 million from her series 'The Walking Dead', 'Super Natural' and 'The Vampire Diaries'. She has two cars beside it she as kept her every wealth and life private due to which so many people are unaware of her lifestyle, mansions, annual income and so on. But it is heard that she has a house in London.

Who is in the Personal Life of Lauren Cohan?

Lauten Cohnn

At present, she is 35 years old but still, she is not married and doesn't have any baby. But through the on-screen mind-blowing chemistry between Cohan and Steven in series 'The Walking Dead,' there was a rumor that they both have off-screen chemistry too which was completely a fake rumor as she cleared that misunderstanding in 2013. She is still single and she has a main focus on her career and her beauty as she doesn't have any affair till now.

Facts and Update Lauren Cohan

She has dual citizenship, one of U.K. and the other one is of U.S.A. She was mainly focused to play the role of Bertinelli/Huntress 'Arrow' (2012) but due to the conflict with 'The Walking Dead,' Jessica De Gouw was placed instead of her. The name of her favorite actor is Tom Hanks.

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