Is Aubrey O'Day single? Her Bio, Controversy, Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life

May 25, 2018Is Aubrey O'Day single? Her Bio, Controversy, Career, Net worth, Personal life, Early life

Famous American Singer, as well as a songwriter, is also a model by profession. Some award winner in her career life is all the result of her full effort o her work and transparent nature.

Recent controversy of Aubrey O'Day

Reads on the affair between Aubrey O’day and Donald Trump Jr. is seen hot in media presently. According to O’Day Trump Jr. has cheated on her on love saying that he was breaking with his wife, which she wanted to show in a video (not released publicly). But when digging the case, the story came up with facts that he was staying separately a few times back before the patch up between them rebounded.

How did Aubrey O'Day start her Career?

Aubrey O’Day stepped into her music profession at the age of 20 in 2004 in ‘Making the Band 3’ an MTV reality show that focus on music art. Getting loved by audience she turned star, boosting her career. Here she had dropped out of her college to act in the show, which shows her devotion towards this field. Her talent made her join a group forming a band named as Danity Kane and praiseworthily their first debut album ranked top in Billboard. Later, although the group detached O’Day from the band for her nudity performance, the group reformed in 2013 and presently going great with duo music project under the same band. Before the group was reformed, O’Day has been fired in the show 'Celebrity Apprentice 5' in 2012, along with heavy criticism on her. But now it seems everything turning happy.



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Except for these success part she was seen in TV reality show ‘50 Cent: The Money and The Power’ in 2008, was on a role in ‘Hairspray’ the Broadway Musical on the same year, appeared on Comedy American High School in 2009, worked on solo songs which went hit and also owned own reality TV show ‘All About Aubrey’. Also was a part of 18th Celebrity Big Brother show as top 5 in 2016. Presently she is ranked in hot lists in different magazines, is seen posing as a model, taking part in catwalks shows, the face of different fashion companies and also is owning own clothing online, along with Dumblonde music project and her humanitarian approach organization FAN (Fighting Aids Now). Despite facing different hurdles she is today a successful famous personality along with a non-fake nature.

What is the Net worth of Aubrey O'Day?

Till date net worth of Aubrey O’Day has estimated to be $4 Million. Her salary is not revealed clearly; still, then the number is on estimation. Despite Ups and Downs in her career, her hard work never keeps her with low worth.


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Who is in the Personal life of Aubrey O'Day?

O’Day is single or unmarried presently. On love affair matter it is read that she has dated both men women, as per her sexual orientation and she says that she is in search of honest love rather limiting on gender. Her dates to date read as: with DJ Cassidy in 2007, American musician & actor Evan Ross in the same year after breaking up with DJ, Courtenay Semel the ex-girlfriend of Lindsey Lohan in 2008, Quddus a Canadian television personality on the same year consecutively, then Model Donnie J, after that producer Donnie Wahlberg from 2009 to 2010, with American TV star Paul DelVecchio in 2015 and recently broke up an affair with Donald Trump Jr.

How was the Early life of Aubrey O'Day?

Aubrey Morgan O’Day was born on February 11, 1894, in San Francisco and also raised there. Beautiful O’day was pretty since her childhood, including her enchanting green colored eyes and also interested in glamour, acting & entertainment world, more than education. She had a good family environment with supporting parents in her interest & life. O’Day went to La Quinta High School and graduated from the University of California, also majored in drama subject. O’Day was also seen active in volunteer social projects in her study time. Active from early age in the sector, her performance as a child was marked on The Notorious B.I.G., Sean “Puffy” Combs, Annie, Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ, Mimi in Rent, Carmen in Fame, Liesl in The Sound of Music, Sandy in Grease, Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof, and many musical Production.



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