How Rick Ness came to Gold rush? Also his Musical Career, Net Worth, Musical Band, Trivia

December 27, 2017How Rick Ness came to Gold rush? Also his Musical Career, Net Worth, Musical Band, Trivia

Who is Rick Ness?

Rick Ness, known as a digger and rock truck worker on the hit Discovery documentary series Gold Rush was born on March 5, 1981, in Milwaukee, WI.

Ness’s Net Worth

Rick Ness has an estimated net worth of $400,000 as of 2017. This worth is a result of his musical career and reality show Goldrush.

Ness’s Music Career

Rick musical profession started in 2004 because of his love for bass. Before getting to the song he was a football player for his academy squad. He got injured which slew his football dream. In 2004 he designed the group called "357 string band" with 4 other affiliates. In 7 years the cluster achieved to sell 3 albums and tour more than 10 nations. It was during their trip to South East Alaskan State that he encountered Parker Schnabel. Rick articulated his attention in the gold rush show. Nine months later Parker invited him to the show.

How he started his career in Gold Rush?

Rick was joined in the gold rush show as from the third spell. The show is presently in its seventh spell. While linking the show Rick was not involved in mining other than the fact that his family maintaining a commercial construction business. It was his knowledge of driving heavy machinery from their structure company that improved his task as a digger in the show. Through hard show and his great flexibility, he succeeded to rise to the spot of Parker’s foreman.

As a foreman, Rick has accomplished to take the team through a very exciting season fetching in the highest gold this year. It’s believed that he will be employed alongside Parker in the next spell.

What happened to Rick Ness in Gold Rush? Is he leaving Gold Rush?

Working is mining is not easy all the time. Sometimes it can be a bit tough when the employee may require more from you and maybe much more or maximum from you than you have offered. The same case happened to Rick on his quest in the Gold Rush. His boss Parker was not happy with the output he was giving, where Parker was expecting much more from him. Parker questions Rick on his way of doing things and the lower output. But Rick demands four more people while in the first time he had said he would do the work alone. As Parker left, he contemplates on whether he will have Rick Ness in the next show or not as he feels that he is becoming incompetent and unreliable in a gold mine. On the other side, Rick is left hanging on the idea of whether to continue working or not. 

The dispute between Rick and Parker has escalated and Rick is leaving the show. Parker is heard reporting to his superiors that Rick is not cooperative and he had even refused to shake Parker's hand. Parker accused Rick of being so comfortable and was not ready to work in tiresome and hard ventures like gold mining which requires commitment and energy. 

Generally, Rick Ness has left the show, and we cannot tell where he will land next. But reports say that he may have found his new show and will be back on the screen soon.

Ness’s Musical Band

The band "357 string" was planned to use an only stringed instrument in all their presentations. They were not dedicated to a single genre but played a diversity of other genres sharing stages with some of the best groups and singers. Some of the bands embrace Old Crow, Medicine Show, and Black Diamond respectively.

In seven years the group released 3 of their best albums counting "Ghost town", "Fire", and "Hail and Lightning from the North" respectively. In their first album, they cooperated singer under the likes of Lonesome Wyatt in "These poor bastards" and Rebecca Month in the "Tosser".

After 7 years of the existent, in 2012 the band decided to go their distinct traditions. Each artist motivated on to perform on his own and endure with their tours under their own tags.

Ness’s Trivia

In spite of being born in Milwaukee WI Rick grew up in Michigan where he established attention in Football and playing bass guitar. His grandfather possessed a construction family which qualified him to gain knowledge in handling heavy machinery thus giving him an upper hand when he was submitted to the Gold rush as an excavator.


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