How old is Paula Abdul? Know her bio, career, songs, net worth, personal life

February 5, 2018How old is Paula Abdul? Know her bio, career, songs, net worth, personal life

Who is Paula Abdul?

Hollywood star Paula Abdul is an American singer, songwriter, voice actress, dancer, choreographer, television personality and an actress. She was born on June 19th, 1962 in San Fernando in California to a concert pianist and an owner of sand and gravel business family. She has a sibling; Wendy Mandel. Despite having studied broadcasting at California State University she has always been an inborn dancer.

How did Paula Abdul start her career? And her songs.

Paula began her career journey at the age of 18. The inborn dancer started off as the Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader at the age of late 17. By 1980, she had already earned her place as one of the famous choreographers of the time. Abdul choreographed many videos for different singers; Janet Jackson being among them. She later did two dance videos, one in 1995 and the other in 1998. Being a choreographer and as well a parttime singer which is her passion, Paula released her first debut album in 1988. This album, "Forever Your Girl" became a hit and remained on the billboard for 64 weeks. The brilliancy awards she won in her life mark the epitome of Paula’s career. One of the famous and world-renowned awards she once took home was the Grammy award for Best Music Video. She also scooped the Primetime Emmy Award twice for being an outstanding choreographer. Being a multi-star character and beautiful body structure with acting sensation Paula has also been featured in the film industry; she is an actor in; Junior High School, Can’t Buy Me Love, and Touched by Evil among many others. Due to her presence in different TV shows such as American Idol, Hey Paula, That’s So Raven, etc she has been an internationally recognized TV personality. She features herself as a motivational and one of the leaders to the newcomer in the industry of Hollywood market.

Paula Abdul's Net worth

The very hard working and diversely talented Paula Abdul has a net worth of approximately $30 million.

Who is in Paula Abdul's personal life?

Being one of the iconic multi-talented superstars Abdul has been married twice. She was married to Emilio Estevez for the first time in 1992. This marriage is said to have ended in 1994. After that, she got married to Brad Beckerman in 1996. They too divorced in 1998. Due to her twice marriage breakup Paula was surrounded by controversies relating to substance abuse and an affair with Corey Clark, a contestant on the American Idol. As of now, Paula does not have any kids yet and on today’s date she is single and still have no any sign of family up grown.


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