How did Omari Hardwick’s son die? His Career, Movies & T.V Shows, Net Worth, Personal Life

February 8, 2018How did Omari Hardwick’s son die? His Career, Movies & T.V Shows, Net Worth, Personal Life


Born on the 9th of January, 1974, savannah of Georgia, United States of America. Omari Hardwick is an American citizen who by profession is an actor, who is best known for his acting in TV series, "Saved" as well as in "Dark Blue". Omari is a good-looking gentleman, who is 5 feet 10 inch tall, has curly black hairs and dense facial hairs.

Career Of Omari Hardwick

Omari accomplished graduation and tried his best to join the NFL draft, but unfortunately, he wasn’t selected in the team. Later on, he left pursuing sports and looked forward toward acting. During his days as a struggling actor, he used to do odd jobs for earning money in order to pay for his acting classes. However, after putting so much effort, he could find any difference and Omari started to live in his car. 

Omari Hardwick In Television Series

Furthermore, he got his way in the Tele-series in the year 2004, Omari was cast in the TV Movie named “Sucker Free City”. Later on, he managed himself a place in the cast of a series named “Saved”. For this very role, he trained as a fireman and a paramedic for almost two years. He was in the lead cast of the series named “Dark Blue” for 20 episodes. He also guest-starred in the series such as “Lie to Me (2009)”, “Chase (2010)”, “Breakout Kings (2012)”. Additionally, he started in the series named “Being Mary Jane (2013-2014)”. Currently, he is working with the cast of the series named “Power” which has been on the air since the year 2014.

Omari Hardwick In Movies

In the year 2002, he was cast in the movie named “Circles”, in which he portrayed a character named Lameck. After two years, he was seen in movies such as “Within the wall” and “the Male Groupies”. After a year, he was in the cast of the movie named “Beauty Shop (2005)”. His notable performance can also be seen in movies such as “The Guardian (2006)”, “Line Watch (2008)”, “Next Day Air (2009)”. Later on, he appeared in movies as “A-team”, “Kickass” and “For Coloured girls” in the year 2010.  In 2014, he acted in “Reach Me” and “Lap Dance”. “Sorry to Bother You”, “The List”, and “Will Gardener” are among his recent works in 2018.

Know Net Worth Of Omari Hardwick

According to the resources, he has an estimated of $1.5 million net-worth of property, moreover, the producers seem to have augmented his payment as compared to prior year. Howsoever, Hardwick has been actively making a donation and supporting to social trusts from some of the portions of his salary. As per the resources, "The Guardian" earned an astounding $94.6 million dollar of a sum, which was released in the year 2006.


In The Personal Life Of Omari Hardwick

Talking about his personal life, Mr. Hardwick married with Jennifer Pfautch in the year 2012. His relationship with Mrs. Jennifer is stable along with a baby. His power of performing in films is the sole cause behind his achievement for which he credits all his effort and assists of his spouse. It seems like there isn’t any reason that shall cause a divorce as they appear extraordinarily glad about their love. The couple lives without any issues spotted in public locations as well. According to the paparazzi, they regularly go to neighborhood restaurants for dinner in unfastened time wherein they look at ease with each other.

Omari Hardwick son died in infancy. The actor and his then-girlfriend lost their baby in November, 2007. The couple dated for three years. Omari’s ex was Native American and German, and while Omari’s family embraced her, her own family disowned her because she was dating a man outside of her race. Omari Hardwick son death left a huge gap in his life.

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