Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel takes challenging step for mining in the Jungle of Guyana

March 30, 2018Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel takes challenging step for mining in the Jungle of Guyana

Who is Parker Schnabel?

Parker Schnabel started his career in the mining from the age of 16 with his grandfather. After his grandfather’s death, Schnabel completely took over his family business and started directing mining crew who are twice his age.

He was recognized from the TV series “Gold Rush”. Where he showed his potential of mining gold by discovering 3362 ounces of gold in six season which was worth 3.7 million.

In his next upcoming solo series “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” which is airing on Friday, March 30 at 9 PM ET/PT only on Discovery Channel. Leaving everything behind, he along with some of his crew Sam Brown, Parker Schnabel, Karla Ann and Rick Ness traveled South America to mine in the gold-rich jungle of Guyana.

Though it was not easy to go through the jungle for the mining people. Parker and his crew face many struggles in the new climate of Guyana jungle. In an interview with Fox News Schnabel says “The big thing is with the heat and the jungle environment…there are all sorts of things that will maim and/or kill you". He admits that he didn’t take enough safety precautions during passing through the woods. “Some people took anti-malarials every day. I didn’t,” he said. “I didn’t get malaria, either, by the way.”


Since it was beyond their busy schedule of work he and his crew found it more physically challenging in the jungle than at home or say working in Alaska.

“At our mining site, we’ve automated all of that. You run big equipment and your object is to do manual labor the least amount possible,” he said. “But in South America, and Guyana in particular, it is all manual labor. Everything that happens is moved by hand, almost. Though there are some excavators.”

“It’s unreal,” he added. “It’s like being in the Dawson City gold rush 120 years ago.”

But the most difficult part for adjusting and being careful in the jungle were the deadly spiders and they actually are.

“They were dinner place-sized spiders,” he said. “They're scary as s---.”

Though Schnabel said he understands beer but a spider is beyond his understanding.

“I’m used to bears. I’m quite fine with bears,” he said. “How do you know if a spider is scared?”

After this adventure Parker is planning for the next adventure as well and will go for, once he finds a company to go along with him.


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